5 Amazing Places to Kayak in Lake Powell

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Kayaking is an excellent way to experience the abundant natural sceneries around us, and taking the journey at Lake Powell proves to be the best way to engage with the geologic wonders of the region. The experience would certainly bring back the nostalgia of the ancient days, which brings the full valor of the trip to the fore.

Many kayakers are considering Lake Powell as their kayak destination and I can’t agree to the contrary because the varieties of canyons shut you away from the outside world. Besides, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make the journey on a sea kayak. So, let’s quickly move over to the 5 amazing places to kayak in Lake Powell.

Amazing Places to Kayak in Lake Powell

  • Cottonwood Canyon Road

If you’ve got your bags ready and have your boat ready to set sail, you may want to float on the Cottonwood Canyon Road, which takes you on a 48-mile journey across the Big Water to Cannonville.

Over the years, this kayak destination in Lake Powell has remained travelers’ choice because of the multiple attractions, such as the amazing rock formations to the big double arch called the Grosvenor Arch that keeps you in awe throughout the journey.


Even though it may not be your description of what a kayak route should be, the Cottonwood Canyon Road remains one of the places you can’t afford to miss out on your next kayak trip in Lake Powell. This is so because of the many tourist angles. For instance, you can choose to go climbing or explore the historic Hole-in-the-Rock Expedition that crosses the Colorado River.

What’s more? You don’t necessarily need the kayak because the journey is by road. The rule is to sojourn in the well-planned road on a 4WD or sturdy Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV).

  • Labyrinth Canyon

It is usually enchanting when we interact with nature, and I am taken to the moon and back when I get that once-in-a-lifetime chance to have some time with the forces of nature. Lake Powell has yet another canyon that perfectly fits into the description, and it is none other than the Labyrinth Canyon.


Here, the surroundings are like a maze of sorts, and you have to be careful and strong at heart to maneuver through the sandstone walls that are closely knit. You would love the different variations of natural forces as they welcome you into their base. From the illumination of the green water that gives out a sparkling color that calms you to the impression made by the shafts of sunlight that reflect off the canyon’s walls, there’s no denying that Labyrinth Canyon is one of the best places to kayak Lake Powell.

Aside from this, adventurists are in for another thrilling experience, as the torrents of water flow through the slot at the end of the water and further down to the Navajo sandstone.

  • Cathedral Canyon

Kayakers love the experience at the Cathedral Canyon and I wouldn’t mind being in their shoes to have a floating taste of what it feels like to embark on a 45-mile journey atop one of the most scenic canyons in Lake Powell. This location has always appeared consistently in the list of kayaking locations in Lake Powell and the reasons are glaring.


First, Cathedral Canyon has an interesting formulation. History has it that it was formerly a long section of a narrow canyon with enough space for kayaks to sail through. However, the enviable twists and turns of the yesteryears have given way to a slot that is too tight for many boats to make a journey. Well, all that adds to the glamour of kayaking in one of Lake Powell’s most visited canyon.

Interestingly, the Cathedral Canyon still retains the high, sheer walls with most of the twists and turns still in place. So, pack your bags, grab enough gears, and set sail on the 45-mile up-lake journey from Glen Canyon Dam to the Cathedral Canyon.

  • West Canyon

It is not out of place for kayakers to wish that the journey continues longer than it should. Who wouldn’t wish the same when the opportunity to shut yourself outside the bustles of the outside world comes knocking on your door on a cool day when the weather is bright and the sun, mild? But like every other experience, your kayaking tour would certainly come to an end?

5 Amazing Places to Kayak in Lake Powell

However, what would your reaction be like when you thought the ride coming to an end only for new canyons to open up? Yes, that is what you get when making the journey on one of the best places to kayak Lake Powell. I’m referring to none other than the West Canyon.

The lake here is one of the longest in the region and promises to keep kayakers in awe with the shimmering reflection on the walls as the water slowly draws in upon itself. The West Canyon is also reputed for the thrilling hikes and the twists and turns that dot the kayak’s pathways.

  • Wetherill Canyon

Here’s yet another canyon that joins the list of the best places to kayak Lake Powell. This time, kayakers are in for a robust hiking experience, because the lake has a large expanse that gives room for bigger boats to make the journey.

However, when nearing the narrow section that bursts out into the most confined slot on the lake, you may be forced to use your hands to push against the walls to keep your boat afloat. This may be tasking but it is part of the fun, especially with the scenic nature of the canyon.


Choose a Place to Kayak in Lake Powell

Lake Powell has been one of the favorite kayaking spots because of the varieties of kayaking locations and the accompanying natural takeaways to keep you awe-struck throughout the journey. The list above is just some of the best places to kayak in Lake Powell.

The compilations we have above are important to me because I have understudied the Lake Powell spots in question and found them to fit into the needs of many kayakers. I believe you found the article interesting and if so, I would be pleased to have your thoughts in the comment section.