Best Children’s Kayak For Sale

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You have probably had to leave your kids out of the fun when you’re going on a kayaking trip all because there’s only one kayak, and you’re going to be using it.

You may be thinking of getting a kayak that is big enough to fit you and your kid, which is totally fine. But what happens when the kids want to get to explore the waters themselves? You should get them a kayak!

Because kayaking is a popular sport and recreational activity, the makers of kayaks specifically designed kayaks for kids. Isn’t this just great? You don’t have to squeeze into one kayak with the kids anymore because they have their own kayaks. 

Here’s a short kids’ kayak buying guide and a list of my personal best children’s kayak for sale in 2919.

Short Guide To Buying Children’s Kayak

Things to consider before buying a children’s kayak:


Like it is for just about any product you want to buy, durability is often a big thing to consider. And as you know, kids may not be able to make their kayaks as adults would, it is important that you consider durability when you want to buy them a kayak. 

Best Children's Kayak For Sale

Durability and kayak material often go hand in hand. And talking about material, high-density polyethylene is always a good material for durability. It isn’t as heavy as some other materials and it is quite strong and rugged. It’s the perfect material for kids’ kayaks. 

Kayak Weight and Total Weight Capacity

Most kids kayaks are just designed to fit the kid and not much more. So, the total weight would just be the weight of the kayak and that of the kid. These kayaks often have a total weight capacity of less than 150 pounds.

However, some kayaks are designed to be able to carry the kids and some extra kids’ stuff. These kayaks often have a total weight capacity of up to 240 pounds

Just make sure that you out the kids and their needs into consideration when it comes to weight capacity. 

Also, a lightweight kayak is also worthy of considering for kids. This way, it is easy for you and for them to carry. An inflatable kayak is even better.


There is no overemphasis when it comes to the safety of your kids. In fact, this should be the very first thing to consider when choosing a children’s kayak.

The things you should look out for include the width, hull shape, sit on style, and some others. The kayak has to be wide enough for stability. The hull shape has to be optimized for stability as well. Sit on style for the ease of getting and getting out. Other safety features include a tow rope. The tow rope is used to pull the kid’s kayak of they get tired. 


The first thing you really have to consider is your budget. You could do a rough search of kayak prices on the internet so that you would have an idea of how much money you should prepare the kayak. You definitely do not want to go to the store and return home empty-handed because you didn’t budget enough money for the kayak of your choice.

Best Children's Kayak For Sale

But as much as you wouldn’t want to buy a kayak that wouldn’t empty all of your pockets, you have to make sure that you’re buying a kayak of good quality. Otherwise, you would need to buy a new kayak again in a very short time. Because of this, it is often advisable that you first speak to an expert kayaker or a kayak sales professional to know which kayaks should be good for you. 


Here is another important factor to consider. Kids might not be able to endure uncomfortable situations as adults would, so it’s important to make them feel comfortable. That’s why you should consider buying a kayak that has adjustable foot braces. This is so that the braces can be adjusted to still be comfortable enough to accommodate a kid’s growth. 


Here are some of the most common questions parents ask when they’re deciding what kayak to buy for their kids. 

  • Is it Safe to Let the Kids Kayak on Their Own? Are you sure you want to let them kayak on their own? Because if not, your paranoia would just be making you see ghosts where there aren’t any. If you teach the kids the proper ways to kayak, such as paddling and how to sit properly in a kayak, they should be fine on their own.
  • At What Age Can I allow my Kid to Kayak? Well, the rule of thumb is that kids that are 5 years and above can kayak. However, you can use your discretion. Do you feel your kid is old enough to obey instructions on how to kayak? And not only to obey but also to perform the activity themselves.
  • Safety Tips when Kayaking with Kids – The first safety tip is to always have your life jacket on you and your kids. Never venture out to the waters without a life jacket. Also, you need a tow rope. Like I mentioned earlier, this tow rope is there to help pull your kid’s tired in case they get tired or can’t paddle anymore for any reason.

Best Children’s Kayaks

Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak

The first thing that a lot of customers agree on is that this kayak is a really durable one. Your kid could use this kayak for a very long time and the kayak would still be as good as new. 

Specifically designed for kids, the Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak has a pontoon-style hull design that makes its stability off the charts. In fact, hardly would you ever have a tipping or capsizing problem with this kayak. Even if the kid eventually falls in the water, the deck has a step-up design that allows the kid to climb back in very easily. 

With a length of 6 feet, your kids can easily maneuver the kayak around but they might have a little problem paddling on a straight line. Furthermore, its lightweight of 18 pounds makes it easy for the kids to drag it along the shores. Also, it makes it easy for you to carry.  Furthermore, there is a total weight capacity of 130 pounds for this kayak, allowing your kid to kayak with some extra space to pack some stuff. 

Finally, there aren’t many kayaks in this category that are as cheap as this kayak. 


  • Safe for kids
  • Includes a paddle for kids


  • The cockpit isn’t very comfortable to sit in.

Best Children's Kayak For Sale

Sun Dolphin Bali 6-Foot Sit-on-top Kayak

This is another kayak that has the right to boast of durability in quality and in design. A lot of customer reviews agree with me on this. Why? Not only is the Sun Dolphin Bali kayak made with Fortiflex high-density polyethylene, but the kayak itself is also UV stabilized. This means that it maintains its colors even after it has been subjected to consistent usage. 

As the name already implies, it is 6 feet long and has enough width to make its stability count. It may not have the pontoon hull design of Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak, however, it isn’t in any way so inferior in stability to the kayak. As an extra advantage of its width, the cockpit is big and comfortable enough. It even has adjustable foot braces.

Furthermore, the lightweight of the kayak is an extra point to its scoreboard, just like its total weight capacity of 140 pounds. Also, this kayak is a budget-friendly kayak. 


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Stable
  • Includes a paddle for kids
  • High total weight capacity


  •  The paddle is quite substandard

Best Children's Kayak For Sale

Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Heron Junior Kids Kayak

Old Town have been around for quite a while now and the good quality of their products have kept them in the market all along. Remember how I said that durability is a big deal when it comes to kids’ kayaks, this kayak is a perfect example of a durable kayak. Old Town’s Heron Junior Kids Kayak is made with high-density polyethylene, made to withstand all the hits and assaults it could possibly be subjected up. 

The safety features on this kayak alone serve as a testimony to the fact that Old Town pays a great deal of attention to the safety of your kids. Firstly, that kayak has a tag-along system. This system allows you to attach your kayak to your kid’s kayak in case they get too tired to paddle. Secondly, the foam billet that is used on this kayak helps ensure that the kayak always remains afloat. 

When it comes to performance, Heron Junior Kids doesn’t lag behind. It is designed to be very stable without compromising so much on tracking. Also, it weighs just 26 pounds and has a total weight capacity of 115 pounds. Its padded seats also ensure that your kids can enjoy a long kayaking trip without feeling uncomfortable.


  • Safe for kids
  • Durable
  • Lightweight


  • It doesn’t include any paddle
  • Quite expensive

Best Children's Kayak For Sale

My Pick

Of all the astoundingly high-quality kayaks that I mentioned, I find Old Town Canoes & Kayaks Heron Junior Kids Kayak to be the best. 

This is due, firstly, to its intuitive safety features. Its tag-along system is a great addition to the kayak. Also, the strong build is also an appealing feature. Comfort and performance then come next. 

Although it may be more expensive than the other kayaks, it is worth every penny spent on it. 

Wrapping it All Up

So, there you have it. Your kids don’t have to miss out on the fun anymore because there are now enough kayaks to go round.

As usual, your comments and opinions are highly valued. Feel free to drop them in the comments section below. 

Good day.