How to Choose The Best Fish Bags For Kayak

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Fishing from a kayak is one experience too many, and many anglers are looking forward to that time of the year when they can cast their nets for massive catches. Fishing kayaks have also made it a lot easier for anglers to fish from their kayaks, without necessarily passing through the hurdles that come with the traditional canoe.

Worthy of note is that the average fishing kayak still has limited space to accommodate your catches. That informs the reason why many anglers have successfully turned their kayaks into fishing vessels, thanks to the fish bags. The bags make the life of a fisherman easier because there would few struggles to mow the vessel when the load in the fishing cooler begins to weigh down the kayak. More so, the fish bags have some cooling functionalities that keep the fish in them cool throughout the phase of the trip.

What is A Fish Bag?

A fish bag is a particular type of bag that is commonly used by anglers. It helps them to secure the fishes they caught until they get ashore. More so, the bags can cool the fish, which is an excellent way to preserve them.

One feature that stands out and makes the fish bag highly acceptable among anglers is the versatility and the lightweight. In terms of versatility, the bags can be put to good use when fishing on different waters, such as saltwater and freshwater. On the other hand, the lightweight functionality is buoyed by the less weight it brings forth even when it is loaded with fish.


Now, we would be looking at all the attributes you may want to know about the best fish bags for kayaks. So, if you’ve been having challenges in selecting one, you can be sure that the ideas herein would empower you to make an informed decision.

We would go through the things to look for in a fish bag, the benefits of using one, and the five (5) best fish bags for kayaks. You can also get to have your common questions about the bags answered. So, let’s get it started!

How To Choose the Best Fish Bags for Kayaks

There’s no denying that some anglers find it challenging to place a hand on the specific features that make a good fish bag. Here are some of the things you should look for when buying one:

  • Weight

It’s not out of place to posit that weight is one of the factors that force anglers to turn away from the fishing coolers. You wouldn’t want something that can add more weight to your kayak, thereby increasing its chances of capsizing.

Therefore, using the fish bag is the best bet. Worthy of note is that the bags may have some weight also. So, you need to decide on which of the structured or the flexible design that works best with your kayak.

  • Size

The size of the fish storage bag can add more weight to the bag, just as it can take up more space in the kayak. Many anglers are comfortable with using the insulated variation of the bag, which is not only perfect for different kinds of a kayak but can also hold many of your catches.

Best Fish Bags For Kayaks

The selection of the size of the fish bags should also be extended to the variations, such as the tuna and the salmon bags that come with different sizes. Above all, select one that can lay flat on the ground or can be seated in the front or at the back of the kayak.

  • Price

There’s no disputing that the cost of the fish storage bag can make or mar your quest to have one. Although some of them might be on the high side, you can also get the ones that are a bit affordable. However, the affordability of the reduced cost of the fish bag doesn’t imply that it can be durable. In most cases, anglers may have to either change the bags or mend them when they begin to experience wears and tears. That is because some of the bags were repurposed, which tends to reduce the insulation and durability.

On the other hand, the increase in the cost of the fish storage bags does not in any way mean that they are sturdy and can last longer. Your focus should always be on getting the one that is well insulated and has enough space to accommodate your catch.

  • Waterproof

The fish storage bag needs to be as dry as possible. Therefore, it’s essential to select one that has a waterproof functionality for keeping the water out. The waterproofing does not only keep water out of the bag but also extends the same to the fish.

  • Durability

You may be successful at getting a fish bag that can keep out the water but may not have the same level of success in getting one that can withstand the elements. You should note that the continuous exposure of the bag to elements like the sun and wind may cause damage in a short interval.

Therefore, the general rule is to select the best fish bags for a kayak that has sturdy construction. Some of the options you need to consider are fish storage bags that are made from non-corrosive metals, the bags that are made from heavy-duty polyester, and those that are resistant to damage from UV light and mildew.

  • Insulation

We saved the best for the last. Insulation is the essential feature to look for when purchasing a fish bag for a kayak. The aim is to keep your catches fresh and dry until you either get home or decide to let them out of the bag.

The general rule is to ensure the insulation layer is thick enough to prevent the escape of ice from the bag.


Benefits of the Best Fish Bags for Kayaks

Why would you buy the fish storage bags in the first place? What makes them better than the cooler? Here are some of the benefits of having the bag:

  • Hold Many Fishes

Fish storage bags can hold many fishes. They can be tossed back as well to give room for fishes.

  • Lightweight

The fish bags are lightweight, and may not weigh more than the hiking backpack. That is ideal for kayak fishing as opposed to the heavyweight of the fishing coolers.

  • Easy to Lash Down in A Kayak

You would need some monkey rigging to keep the fishing coolers in place. On the contrary, the fish storage bags can be lashed down anywhere in the kayak.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Fish Bags for Kayaks

Below are some questions you need to ask before deciding on the purchase of any fish storage bag:

  • How Will I Store It? Anglers have the option of storing the fish bags by laying them flat on the ground of the kayak or by holding them up on the available space in the vessel.

  • What are you Storing in the bag? Ideally, fishes are the designation for the fish storage bag. However, there may be times when you would need to store items like foods and drinks. So, ensure the capacity of the bags can support that before buying.
  • What is Durability? The fish storage bag can last longer, depending on how you use it. Constant use tends to reduce durability. So, you would need to go for one that can stand the test of time while insulating the items inside the bag.

The Top 5 Best Fish Bags for Kayaks

Now that we’ve taken stock of the primary components of the fish storage bags, let’s now look at the best fish bags for kayaks you can get in the market.

The fish bag here is fully insulated and comes with varieties of features, such as the separate internal pocket for a reusable ice pack, and the zippered opening at the tapered end for easy cleaning.

Besides, one striking feature about it is the 23-inch capacity that can contain many fishes, just as the extra-wide mouth is there to give you easy access to adding and removing catches from the bag.


  • Several storage pockets
  • Extra full mouth for easy access


  • Losing water for any fish could be hard
  • The zipper went all the way down to the bottom, where it leaked a lot of water

How to Choose The Best Fish Bags For Kayak

The insulated fish storage system on this bag is designed for the maximum use of kayak-fishermen. Some other features anglers like about the bag are the eco-friendly PEVA material, the 420D/PU ripstop polyester material, and the six heavy-duty locking clips on the edges, which aid in the secure tie-down of the bag.

Above all, the Insulated Offshore Yakcatch Fish Bag comes with full padding, a reflective thermal material, and can provide ice for about 8 hours.


  • Long-term durability
  • Mounts perfectly on the kayak
  • Keeps ice well for up to 8 hours


  • Some customers complained that the interior bag shows signs of deterioration
  • Loading large fish through the top zipper can be challenging

How to Choose The Best Fish Bags For Kayak

This fish storage bag is perfect for anglers that are looking for only a few extra weights to bring onboard their kayaks. It is not only lightweight but also offers convenient deck-top fish storage. It also has an insulated liner, while the heat reflective exterior protects the bag against the elements.

Interestingly, moving about the bag doesn’t prove challenging because the multiple tie-down points and the top bungee holder are there to serve that purpose.


  • Convenient deck-top fish storage
  • Insulated liner
  • Easy to use


  • You may have to be content with laying the bag down on the kayak because the structure isn’t ideal for standing up on the kayak

How to Choose The Best Fish Bags For Kayak

Do you want the best fish bags for kayaks that doesn’t prove any difficulty when moving them? Then the one we have here is a perfect choice. It has two handles for easy carrying, alongside the D-rings at each corner of the bag for tying it down to the kayak after filling it with your catches.

Also, the Hobie Insulated Medium Fish Bag is the anglers’ favourite because of the half-inch closed-cell for insulation and the adjustable bungee cord that gives you more space to add other gears on top of the bag.


  • Keeps your catch and food cold all day, even in very hot conditions
  • Two handles for easy carry


  • Some users complained that it doesn’t hold ice for long
  • It seems to leak through the drain plug or the bottom

How to Choose The Best Fish Bags For Kayak

One of the features that anglers cannot resist the Feelfree Kayak Fishing Bag is the interoperability. If you haven’t gotten over the excitement of using the fishing cooler, you can be sure that this fish bag would offer you that because it also doubles as a cooler.

On the other hand, it comes with a removable liner that makes it easier to bring in your catch at the end of the day. The zippered top is also there to offer easy access into the bag. That is just as it has a bungee on the top for securing the bag to the kayak.


  • Doubles as a fish storage bag and a cooler
  • The removable liner makes it easy to bring in your catch at the end of the day


  • You may find it challenging to lift the bag

How to Choose The Best Fish Bags For Kayak

Final Words on the Best Fish Bags for Kayaks

Your next kayak-fishing trip should be fun, and that is why you need a fish storage bag to hold all your catches in place. You would like the bag because it is not only more comfortable to use, but it is also lightweight.

We would recommend the Insulated Offshore Yakcatch Fish Bag because of the insulation that lasts and the durability. These are some of the primary features every angler needs. So, having them on this fish bag is a clue of the better things you can get when using it.

So, which of the fish storage bags on the list did you find befitting for your needs? Let’s know your opinion by sending them through the comment section.