Best Fishfinder for Pontoon Boat

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Fishing is much more than an activity that is favorable to fishermen because of the variety of spectacular views they get to enjoy in the course of the activity. Aside from fishing, anglers also get to enjoy the sceneries that abound around their areas of fishing. So, it is a win-win scenario.

On the one hand, fishing is fun and embarking on it with the right vessel and gears is an excellent way to record massive catches. Over the years, professional fishers have devised various ways to make the most out of their fishing. Aside from the use of small boats and kayaks, anglers have also begun to make use of pontoon boats. While you may be wondering about the importance of “larger” (pontoon) boat in the fishing scheme of things, the fact is that pontoon boats could be favorable for fishing. Among the many reasons for adopting and using it for fishing is because of the larger size that can contain many anglers, multiple storage spaces for the fishes and gears, as well as a fantastic overview of the river in the course of fishing.

On the other hand, it might be a task to locate the fishes in the water. In addition to the height of the pontoon boat that is many inches above the water surface, anglers also have to rack their brains to find their way around. Therefore, bringing in a fishfinder into the mix is a perfect antidote for landing more catches (fishes), and to find your way around the water.

What Is a Fishfinder?

You may have heard about the fish finder before. Perhaps this is your first time learning about it. Nevertheless, we got you covered on all you need to know about the fishfinder.

The fish finder, which is also called the “sounder,” is an instrument that is primarily used for locating fish underwater. It does so by detecting the reflected pulses of sound energy. Recently, the fishfinder is designed with display measurements of reflected sound, which are brought forth in a graphical display. Such a designer empowers the angler or the operator as the case might be to use the graphical display/information to identify the locations where fishes are underneath the water. It’s also possible to use the same information to interpret the bottom of the body of the water and the underwater debris.

The functionalities of the fishfinder are many, and those are part of the reasons why many fishers/anglers are keen on using it anything they go a-fishing. The most significant of it all is the integration of a GPS/navigation, the compasses, and the marine radar. These tools do not only allow you to find fish but also helps you in navigating your way around the water. Also, the tools, especially the GPS, will enable you to have an overview of the area, as well as empowering you to have low visibility below and above the water.

How to Choose the Best Fishfinder for Pontoon Boat

Are you an avid fisherman, but for some reason, you’re financially-restrained to purchase the pontoon boat for anglers? You may not need to go through that hassles of saving up more money, because using the best fishfinder for pontoon boat can help you get around it without hassles. Read on to discover the things you should look out for in the fishfinder to spend an action-packed weekend fishing on the lake.

  • The Location of the Transducer

The transducer of every pontoon boat is located on the bracket underneath the tubes. However, you needn’t work on assumptions, because your boat might have its own in another place. Therefore, double-check to be sure of the location of the transducer in your pontoon boat. Also, ensure the space is enough to accommodate the fishfinder.

  • Screen Size

The belief of “the bigger the screen size, the bigger the display” may not always apply in all cases. The consideration should be on the available spaces you have where you intend mounting the fishfinder.

A small screen can suffice if you have limited spaces, and you can interpret the graphs without hassles. However, if you want those with various data metrics or split-screens modes, then the more enormous screen variation is the best option.

Best Fishfinder for Pontoon Boat

  • Size of the Boat

The pontoon boat is not like the kayak or other smaller boats that you can easily keep things within reach. Because of the width of the pontoon boat, you must ensure that the size and the choice of a fishfinder correlate to the size of the boat.

The measurement is that the fish finder should be visible from the primary fishing location on the boat’s deck. Also, you may want to go a fishfinder with a screen size of 7 inches, because that makes it possible for you to see from the rear-facing fishing seats up to the console where the fishfinder was mounted.

If on the other hand, the boat is larger up to 22 inches, then you may want to attach an extension cable from the transducer to the fishfinder. That is usually the case because the cords attached to the fishfinder might be shorter when the pontoon boat is larger. Hence, extending it is the perfect way to reach it to the location you intend to use it.

  • GPS Integration

The last but not the least is the integration of the GPS that enables the movement while on the water. Using GPS is essential because it does not only make it easier for you to locate fish on the water but also makes it possible for you to have real-time information about the environs.

Benefits of the Fishfinder for Pontoon Boat

Among the many benefits of incorporating the fishfinder into your pontoon boat is the delegation of many apparatuses to seek and catch fish. The instrument also locates specific aquatic creatures under the water, just as it also gives you the options of viewing the depth temperature and the structure of the aqua creatures.

Best Fishfinder for Pontoon Boat

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Fishfinder for Pontoon Boat

Below, you would find answers to some common questions about the fishfinder for pontoon boat.

  • Where Do You Mount a Fishfinder on a Pontoon Boat? The fishfinder’s transducer is mounted on the bottom bracket of the pontoon tube.
  • How Do I Detect Fish? The fishfinder detects fish in many ways, such as using the Fish Icons to identify tiny fishes, and the Fish Arches to identify big fishes.
  • What Is the Best Fishfinder for Pontoon Boat? Several factors help to determine the perfect fishfinder. Some of the options to look at are the transducer location, the screen size, and the size of the pontoon boat.

The Top 5 Best Fishfinders for Pontoon Boat

Highlighted below are some of the best fishfinders for pontoon boats that you can find out there.

This compact and small screen-sized fishfinder comes with a variety of options, such as a GPS and clear scanning SONAR for viewing the items in the water. More so, the integrated waypoint map is ideal for viewing, marking, and navigating many locations.


  • Keyed interface with dedicated buttons
  • Easy to use and install
  • Built-in flasher


  • Impossible to insert the head unit into the base without disconnecting the holder from the base
  • The unit needs to be connected to a 12V power supply

Best Fishfinder for Pontoon Boat

This fishfinder is not only portable but has an intuitive as marked by the 5-inch color WVGA display. It also comes with a precision internal GPS Chart plotting and a dedicated micro SD slot for adding an external storage device for storing more waypoints.


  • Integrated Hummingbird Sonar Technology
  • Multiple imaging options, such as down imaging and side imaging


  • The clips holding down the cables to the transom are plastic and tend to break
  • Some users reported that the unit turns off at intervals

Best Fishfinder for Pontoon Boat

You can be sure that the fishes and indeed every other item under the water have no hiding place when using this fish finder. Aside from the various imaging options that can cover both the sides and below, the fishfinder also has two display modes, a 7-inch screen, and has built-in transducer for water surface temperature.


  • Upgradable software
  • Powered by a proprietary, Low Q CHIRP transducer


  • It’s complex and needs to be studied for some time

Best Fishfinder for Pontoon Boat

Although a bit larger, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the extensive SONAR coverage, the easy setup, and the preloaded high detail mapping. Moreover, the fishfinder comes fully loaded with other features like the automated SONAR settings, optimized keypad with one-touch access to key features, and Solarmax display.


  • Micro SD slot
  • All units come with transducers
  • Optimized keypad


  • Some users complained that the unit is difficult to mount
  • Takes forever to keep up with your location on the map

Best Fishfinder for Pontoon Boat

Have you been looking for something more comfortable to operate and still concentrate on your fishing? Then you need to get your hands on the HOOK2 Fish Finder.  With the wide-angle SONAR technology giving more coverage than the traditional fish finders would, the unit also has auto-tuning SONAR and phone-like menus for smooth operation. So, if you’ve been looking for something flexible to use when fishing, then this fish finder is the best unit.


  • Wider SONAR coverage
  • The Bullet Skimmer transducer gives you 2-D SONAR views


  • Some users hinted that the screen couldn’t be used as a fish finder
  • No threaded mounting hole on the back of the unit to be used for different mounting needs

Best Fishfinder for Pontoon Boat

Final Words on the Best Fishfinder for Pontoon Boat

You’ve now had many options for the perfect fishfinder to use in your pontoon boat. If we would suggest, the Garmin Striker Transducer Fishfinder is ideal because of the compact size and the ease of operation as highlighted by the keyed interface with dedicated buttons.

Above all, take a cue from the ideas shared on the buying guide to make an informed decision on the best fish finder that would be compatible with your pontoon boat.