Best Kayak For Multi Day Trips

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There are times when we would need to go kayaking and camping at some beautiful island to enjoy ourselves. Kayaking on its own is a very fulfilling activity, while camping is nothing short of fun. Put these two together and you have something magical.

When kayaking precedes your camping experience, you are guaranteed an extra amount of fun and enjoyment. And you know what’s great? There are special kayaks that are designed for the purpose of helping to sustaining you on long trips that could possibly last for days!

However, like many other kayaks, camping kayaks are many in the market and you could get confused trying to get yourself one. But don’t fret, I’ve got you covered. I have compiled for you my 5 best kayaks for multi-day trips, along with a short guide to choosing them.


Before we go any further, you should know some things that you have to really consider before stepping out to go kayak shopping.


Things to consider before buying a kayak

  • Budget: The first thing you really have to consider is your budget. You could do a rough search of kayak prices on the internet so that you would have an idea of how much money you should prepare the kayak. You definitely do not want to go to the store and return home empty-handed because you didn’t budget enough money for the kayak of your choice.
  • Purpose: There are some kayaks that are suitable for whitewater, that is, they are best used for rough waters. Others can sail smoothly on calm seawater but nowhere else. So, considering the purpose for which you would want to use this kayak would determine what kind of kayak you should buy.
  • Sit in or sit on: According to this category, kayaks come in twos. There are the sit-in kayaks that have front coverings where you can keep your legs within. There are also the sit-on kayaks that don’t have these front coverings.
  • Other preferences: There are also other things to consider, such as the storage capacity, width and length, and some others.

Defining Features of Camping Kayaks

There are some features that you could use to tell that camping kayaks apart from other kinds of kayaks. These features are what make any kayak suitable for camping and other multi-day trips.

  • Weight Capacity: The total weight that the kayak can hold without any threats of sinking is an important factor that tells camping kayaks apart. Since you would need the kayak to carry not just some gear, but some other stuff you would need for your trip, the kayak has to have a large weight capacity.
  • Storage Capacity: Some camping kayaks don’t just have large storage compartments, they also have compartments that could hold specific items because of their fragility and all. Large and versatile storage compartments are great features of camping kayaks
  • Performance: Since the kayaks would be carrying some heavy stuff, they need to be stable and be able to track as easily as possible. That is why you would find out that these kayaks are often long, wide and deep.
  • Comfort: Because you are not just going for an hour trip, the comfort of a camping kayak must be at the peak level. The straps and seats and all other equipment all have to be convenient.
  • Build Material: The material used in building camping kayaks must be strong and durable. They must be able to withstand any kind of weather condition.

Benefits of owning a camping kayak

There are many benefits of owning a camping kayak. One of them is the fact that apart from their ability to perform excellently when they are fully packed for long trips, they still do really well for short and relaxing experiences. This way, you know that you own a kayak that is reliable for any kind of trips. 

Best Kayaks for Multi-day trips

My best Kayaks for multi-day trips

Having put many things into consideration, consulted many other experts and done a lot of researches, I have been able to make the tough decision of picking my 5 best camping kayaks.

Riot Kayaks Edge 14.5 LV

The durability of this particular kayak is top-notch. Its build material is polyethylene. It could withstand a number of hits without any problems. Stability is not even an issue with this kayak as it is 22.5 inches long.

The kayak tracks quite easily too and has a massive total weight capacity of 325 pounds. To put an icing on the cake, the kayak guarantees your comfort with adjustable seats and straps.


  • Really durable
  • Retractable skeg for added stability
  • Comfortable and adjustable seats


  • Suitable only for flatwater

Best Kayak For Multi Day Trips

Ocean Kayak Zest Two Expedition Tandem

A massive total weight capacity of up to 600 pounds is what makes this kayak a top choice among kayakers. Suffice to say, storage capacity is not a problem with this kayak. It even allows two adults with a kid. 

The seats are adjustable and convenient while the length, depth, and width of this kayak make it perfect for great stability and easy tracking. Also, this kayak has some uncommon features like cup holders.


  • Great storage space
  • Child-friendly
  • Excellent tracking and stability
  • Massive weight capacity


  • Quite heavy
  • Not suitable for tight waterways

Best Kayak For Multi Day Trips

Sun Dolphin Aruba SS Sit-In Kayak

This kayak is not only great for camping but also for kayaking on turbulent waters as it has great maneuverability. It has a total of just more than 300 pounds of weight capacity.

Because of its great maneuverability, it features primary and secondary stability so that it doesn’t perform woefully in clearwater.

Another nice feature is its P.A.C that allows you to store some stuff you don’t want to get wet.


  • Maneuverable
  • Lightweight
  • Great strong capacities


  • Not so great on freshwater

Best Kayak For Multi Day Trips

Oru Kayak Beach LT

This kayak is great for beginners. Also, it makes a nice kayak for long trips because of its large storage capacity and convenient seats and straps. 

The weight of the kayak is also another advantage that this kayak has to itself. 

Finally, the cockpit size is large enough to contain the paddler and a kid or a pet.


  • Child-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Stable
  • Can be folded into a backpack


  • Bad maneuverability and tracking
  • Paddles don’t come with the kayak

Best Kayak For Multi Day Trips

Ocean Kayak Venus 10

The features of this kayak make it very suitable for women. It has a nice trackability and great stability. Although it is lightweight, it has just enough total weight capacity to hold some camping gear.

Also, the luxury of comfort that this kayak affords kayakers is one of the best. 


  • Best for women
  • Really comfortable
  • Lightweight


  • Low maximum weight
  • Very low storage space

Best Kayak For Multi Day Trips

My Pick

It took a lot of consideration and research to get to these 5 best camping kayaks. It takes even more research to be able to pick one of these 5 as my overall best. However, I strongly believe that the Ocean Kayak Zest Two Expedition Tandem is still the best best of all these 5 kayaks. 

The total weight capacity of this kayak alone is enough to make it the kayak to rely on for multi-day trips. Like that isn’t enough, it boasts of a level of trackability, maneuverability, and stability that the other kayaks fall short of. 

The kayak may be heavy but it makes up for this in its speed. All these features make this kayak my overall best camping kayak.