Best Location to Install An Anchor on A Pontoon Boat

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There’s never a dull moment when paddling on the water either with a kayak or a boat. While most people prefer to go with kayaks, many others are more pleased to tag along with a boat. For the latter, the focus is usually on maintaining the stability of the vessel while on the water. Luckily, using an anchor is one of the first steps towards making the most out of your time out on the water.

What is An Anchor and Why Do I Need to Install it on My Boat?

As earlier mentioned, the work of an anchor is to help the vessel in being stable on the water. Nevertheless, it’s essential to further break down the functionalities for better comprehension. First, an anchor is widely used in boats, especially Pontoon Boats. Worthy of mention is that a Pontoon Boat is a flattish boat that relies on pontoons for their buoyancy. While the pontoons create buoyancy and create more spaces on the boat, such as lounge areas, there is still some reliance on the anchor.

Best Location to Install An Anchor on A Pontoon Boat

The anchor on its part is a metal device that is used to connect a boat to the bed of a body of water. The aim is to solidify the buoyancy of the vessel while reducing the chances of the ship from being drifted either by the currents or the wind.

Where Can I Install the Anchor on A Pontoon Boat?

Now that the role and functionality of an anchor have been discovered, you may now want to find out where to place it on the boat. Installing the device can either be hassle-free or pose some troubles, depending on how you go about it.

So, without much ado, here is a list of the best location to install an anchor on a Pontoon Boat:

  • Anchor Off the Front

There’s no denying that many sailors may want to argue against this. But, the truth of the matter is that anchoring off the front of the Pontoon Boat is one of the perfect ways to maintain stability on the water. It has been tipped as a better variant to the rear anchoring that might be susceptible to entangling with some objects on the water when floating.

So, why should you use this format? The general rule is that anchoring from the front is ideal for getting your boat in the best position and location. It also helps in getting the anchored properly secured, whether you’re using a winch or not.

Best Location to Install An Anchor on A Pontoon Boat

  • Face into the Water Current or the Wind

You must have realized that the water current and the wind play crucial roles in the instability of a vessel. Hence, captains and sailors alike are continually seeking ways to get around it.

In light of that, you may want to install the anchor to face into the water current or the wind. The first step towards making the decision is to discover which of the two is the strongest. That would help in deciding on the best location to install an anchor on a Pontoon Boat.

Once discovered, you can then proceed to install the anchor on the direction pointing outwards from the hull. The approach is useful in ensuring the stability of the anchor when dragging through the mud, the sand, or the silt.

  • Secure the Anchor to the Cleat

The cleat is one of the significant points in the boat, where the anchor can be installed. The first step towards that is to discover the depth of the water. That does not only give you the idea of the distance between the vessel and the bed of the water but also helps you to figure out the length of rope needed for the process.

The next step is to face the boat into the strong current or wind. You can then secure the anchor to the cleat, before turning the engine idle and following it up by dropping the anchor into the water. Then look out for some movements in the boat, which would be dictated by the wind or the current. In that instance, the boat should begin to move backward, as the anchor continues to drift down through the water until it catches unto the bed of the water.

Anchor to the Cleat

Once the anchor has caught the bed, you would then reverse the engine and start a slow-motioned movement while releasing more of the anchor line. You would feel tensions in the anchor rope, which is a clue that it is getting tighter. Take a cue from that by making final security of the anchor by wrapping it twice around the cleat.

  • Mount the Anchor to the Fore or the Rear

There have been many arguments about using the anchor on the front (fore) and the rear (aft) of the Pontoon Boat. While the propositions expressed in that regard about mounting the anchor close to the battery may be valid, you may still want to try something new.

Mounting the anchor to the fore (front) or the rear (aft) is tenable when you’re using an electric anchor winch. They have continuously been adopted as one of the best locations to install an anchor on a Pontoon Boat because of the length of wiring that is expended in that regard. The installation, of course, would help in lowering the anchor winch faster, while aiding in the placement in the bed of water.

  • Install the Anchor in the Pontoon Decking

The deck of the Pontoon Boat is another ideal location to install an anchor. You can make the most out of it by adding additional anchor ledges. The ledges are essential for vessels that do not have a broader foredeck platform.

Besides, the ledges are not only durable against corrosion, but not require the drilling of holes into the deck of the boat.

Install An Anchor on A Pontoon Boat

The installation of an anchor on a Pontoon Boat comes with some challenges, which are often characterized by the selection of the best location for the installation. So, the insights provided in this article would help you in selecting the best site to install an anchor on a Pontoon Boat.

So, tell us which of the options did you select?