Best Place To Kayak Fish In New Jersey

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Originally developed by the natives of the arctic region, some of the first use of kayaks included fishing alongside other forms of hunting around the coasts of the arctic ocean. Kayak fishing, in recent times, has become a common practice by individuals on kayaking trips.

What is Kayak Fish?

Kayak fishing is exactly what the name implies, fishing on your kayak. With various kayak designs focusing on storage room for different equipment, kayaks are constantly being used for fishing trips.

The popularity of kayak fishing has grown rapidly majorly due to kayaks being cheap alternatives to fishing boats and they also incur a lower maintenance cost. Kayak fishing is very popular in fresh and salt waters and also in the warm regions.

Best Place To Kayak Fish In New Jersey

Where Do I Kayak Fish?

The aim of fishing is to catch as many fish as possible, so it only makes sense to fish in a location with a healthy population of fish. It makes sense to consider the condition of waterbody to kayak fish as it affects the population of fish present and the choice of kayak to use.

You are most likely to catch lots of fish in clear and humid waters as lots of fish tend to migrate to waters with such conditions. Bordered by the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, the United States has its own fair share of locations good enough for kayak fishing.

Kayak Fish in New Jersey

Known as the Garden State, New Jersey sits in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States. With prominent geographical features like the Jersey shores, Meadowlands, the Great Bay, and the Great Swam Natural Wildlife Refuge among others, NJ attracts a good share of tourists interested in land and aquatic activities.

New Jersey receives about 2400 to 2800 hours of sunshine annually, which makes for a warm and humid summer, perfect for kayaking and kayak fishing.

Best Place To Kayak Fish In New Jersey

Where Are the Best Places to Kayak Fish in New Jersey?

Kayak fish should be done on warm and relatively still water bodies. Most times, they are carried out on the coastal regions. New Jersey offers some good locations for fishing.

Red Bank Marina

The Red Bank Marina is a family-owned business known majorly for crabbing and fishing. Equipment needed is also provided. The Marina offers a vast range of recreational activities for individuals. The waterway is also very clean and clear, with a good fish population, making it one of the best kayak fish locations in NJ.

Address: 261 W FRONT St RED BANK, NJ 07701, USA

Phone: +1 732-741-3320

Moran’s Marina

Also, a family-owned business, the Morgan Marina also is a good bay for kayak fishing.  It is located along the Raritan Bay on Cheesequake Creek, making it very easy to access the bay. The humid and clear bay makes for a good kayak fishing spot.

Address: 14th St, Avalon, NJ 08202, USA

Phone: +1 609-368-1321


Scotland Run Park

The Scotland Run Park is a wooded park that sees a lot of canoeing and kayak fishing activities. The park is also known to host various environmental programs annually. Aside from fishing, the park is also a favorite family hangout spot.

Address: 980 E Academy St, Clayton, NJ 08312, USA

Phone: +1 856-881-0845

Franklyn Lakes Nature Preserve

Occupying a 147-acre space, the Franklyn Lakes Nature Preserve is a peaceful public natural reserve within Franklyn’s lakes known for fishing, hiking, and birdwatching. Kayaks, canoes, and paddleboats are up for rent at the park.

The Franklyn Lake is also known for its clear waterway and smooth flow making kayak fishing possible and enjoyable.

Address: 1 Nature Preserve Way, Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417, USA

Phone: +1 201-891-0048

Spruce Run Recreation Area

The Spruce Run Recreational area is a recreational area, located in Hunterdon County, NJ. The recreational area covers the Spruce reservoir which protects the state from droughts. The reservoir makes for a good fishing trip.

The lake is really clear and placid, and the facilities in the park are clean and well kept. Although it has a tendency to be crowded on a weekend, it’s still a good spot for kayak fishing.

Address: 68 Van Syckles Rd, Clinton, NJ 08809, USA

Phone: +1 908-638-8572

Corson’s Inlet State Park

Established by the New Jersey legislature in 1969 to protect the then underdeveloped land along the oceanfront, Corson’s Inlet State Park has grown to become one of the top locations for aquatic activities in NJ.

Bordered by the Corson’s Inlet, this park possesses a nice boat ramp to launch your boat and a clear waterway which makes for an awesome experience for nature and fishing enthusiasts.

Address: County Hwy 619, Ocean City, NJ 08214, USA

Phone: +1 609-861-2404

Whale Creek Marina

Located at Taylor Avenue, the Whale Creek Marina is a full-service marina stationed close to a free public boat ramp in Strathmere. This marina is perfect for fishing and crabbing because of its clean waterway and good fish population.

With very good and understanding members of staff whoever ready to assist you in any way possible, the Whale Creek Marina is highly recommended for kayak fishing.

Address: 100 Taylor Ave, Strathmere, NJ 08248, USA

Phone: +1 609-263-6093

Round Valley Recreation Area

The round valley recreation area located at Stanton Lebanon road is great for kids to play in the shore. The still and warm water also makes it good for fishing and kayaking. The dense population of New Jersey also means the park is never overcrowded.

The Round Valley Recreation also has a very clear waterway making it ideal for kayak fishing and other forms of aquatic activities.

Address: 1220 Stanton Lebanon Rd, Lebanon, NJ 08833, USA

Phone: +1 908-236-6355.


Miss Chris Boats

Miss Chris Boats located at Cape May offers a good location for kayak fishing. The Marine has nice member of staff that can accompany you on the fishing trip if it’s your first time. The clear water also makes for a good fish population.

Address: 1210 Wilson Dr, Cape May, NJ 08204, USA

Phone: +1 609-849-9453

Wrapping it all up

New Jersey offers a wide variety of marinas and bays. Regardless of which you eventually choose, you are sure to enjoy the day kayak fishing. 

Drop all your questions, inquiries or any additions in the comment section below. Remember, never stop kayaking!