Best Place To Kayak in Annapolis

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With the summer heat comes the need to relax and cool off, and what better place to do it than in a beach or a waterpark. Aquatic bodies offer a wide range of activities to select from and engage in. 

Whether you’re looking to give kayaking a go, planning an open water family fishing trip or booking a boating tour, Annapolis is one of the best places to consider.

Why Annapolis?

Annapolis, often known as ‘The Sailing Capital of the World’ is the capital of the U.S state of Maryland. Located just 103mi from the Chesapeake Bay, Annapolis is known for the U.S Naval Academy, the United States Sailboat Show and the historic Maryland Statehouse.

Its proximity to the Chesapeake Bay also makes for a perfect location for outdoor aquatic activities including fishing, surfing, kayaking, amongst other activities.


With over 533 miles of shoreline formed by respective rivers and streams, and the very close proximity to the nation’s largest creek that is Chesapeake Bay, Annapolis possess vast aquatic resources.

Annapolis, Tourism and Kayaking

Annapolis lies within the humid subtropical climate, which means winter tends to be really cold and the summers are really hot. When the summer comes, aquatic activities and events that take place both from locals and tourists skyrockets.

Researches have shown that the temperature is highest between the months of June and August. The hot weather coupled with the vast aquatic resources Annapolis possess makes it an unmissable tourist destination. 

Aside from the individual activities, Annapolis also conducts some events which really draw more tourists. Some of these events are the United States Sailboat Show and vessels racing. All these combined make Annapolis a wise pick for aquatic related experiences.

7 Best Places to Kayak in Annapolis

#1 Back Creek Nature Park (7314 Edgewood Rd, Annapolis, MD 21403)

The recently renovated Back Creek Nature Park is one of the best locations for kayaking in Annapolis. The park shares a boundary with Back Creek and has a modern ecological theme which makes for a good sight.

Since the park is not well known in Annapolis, there is rarely occurrence of overcrowding which makes parking really easy. It takes about 30 minutes of paddling to get downtown from the park, with other local harbors along the way.

The Back Creek Nature park waterway does not really go through any remarkable constructions, but it offers few good sites along the waterway.


#2 Truxton Park (273 Hilltop Ln, Annapolis, MD 21403)

The Truxton park also serves as a great location for kayaking. Along the waterway lies remarkable sites, including the Pip Moyer Recreation Center. A launchpad is also present, and parking is also easy as it has a wide area for parking.

The waterway is Spa Creek which is a ‘no wake zone’ because of its closeness to shore. It is also a relatively short paddle to the Annapolis Harbor. The Truxton park is a sure bet for kayaking in Annapolis.


#3 Amos Garrett Park (101 Spa View Ave, Annapolis, MD)

The Amos Garrett park is a ‘street end park’, where the land and attractive shoreline meet. The street end landscape makes for a truly extraordinary view. With a modest size, the park provides a sandy launch for kayaks and some park benches.

Heading downstream also guarantees great views of the Annapolis Historic District. The Truxton park and the St. Mary’s Catholic Church can also be seen downstream.


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# 4 Quiet Water Park (600 Quiet Water Park Rd, Annapolis, MD 21403)

Arguably one of the most beautiful parks in Annapolis, the Quiet Water park lives up to the billing. Aside from the beauty, the park is also really appreciated for its diversity as it provides a space for weddings, and also house a really awesome art gallery. 

For aquatic activities though, boating vessels must be rented. The park offers a wide variety of boating vessels, from kayaks and canoes to sailboats and pedal boats. The park is open every day except for Tuesday.


#5 Ferry Point Harbor (1128, 700 Mill Creek Rd, Arnold, MD 21012)

Located about 10 minutes from Annapolis, the Ferry Point Harbor is not only recognized for its dope seafood restaurant, “Point Crab House and Grill”, but also serves as a great location for kayaking.

Sitting on the banks of the beautiful Magothy River, the park is surrounded by trees which effectively reduces the risk of unstable windy conditions. The Ferry Point Marina is an ideal choice for kayaking and seafood lovers.

Best places to Kayak in Annapolis

#6 Crabtown Environmental Nature Park (Edgewood Rd, Annapolis)

This park seats between two of the largest harbors in the city. The park features a wooden walkway, which is about a mile long, cool rain gardens, some educational signs that explain the Chesapeake Bay, a small boat launch pad and gardens.

A view of the Back Creek Park can also be seen from the park. The park is absolutely free and boating vessels can be rented on site.


#7 Waterfront Park (7314 Edgewood Rd, Annapolis)

This park has been renamed to the Ellen O. Moyer Nature Park. The park has two small parking areas at either side, providing a floating launch pad as well as nice shaded areas that could be used for picnics.

The WaterFront park also possess certain level of versatility, as it has a walkway that takes about 25 – 30 minutes, called the nature trail which is an alternative for non-paddlers. It also has some graffiti design on the wall which is actually a really nice touch.

Best places to Kayak in Annapolis

To Wrap it All Up

Most of the kayakers in Annapolis perform flatwater kayaking because of the terrain. For the best kayaking experience in Annapolis, I recommend going to the Amos Garrett Park solely because the waterway goes through more noteworthy structure which makes for a great sight-seeing

Through the Amos Garrett park, some landmarks like the Annapolis Historic District and the St. Mary’s Catholic Church can be seen. Nevertheless, all parks listed are very good and you can be sure to have a really good time in Annapolis.