Best Place to Kayak in Arkansas

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Pleasurable moments are hard to come by, and when they do, it would be a fanfare of sorts, because you would love to get the best out of it. While some tourists and people with time to spare would prefer to go o vacation to choice locations around the world, some others find solace in kayaking. If you fall into the latter category, it is important that you choose a place where there are fine scenery and few obstacles in the way.

It is interesting to note that the Southern U.S State, Arkansas, has over the years, built up a reputation as one of the best locations to embark on kayak courses. Are you looking for a choice location to kayak and bask under the sun in Arkansas? Read further to discover the great spots to get your feet wet in the attractive State of Arkansas, with abundant park and wilderness areas.

Kayaking on the Buffalo National River

The Buffalo National Park readily comes to mind when looking for the best place to kayak in Arkansas. It is rightly so because of the abundance of water flow from the Boston Mountains and the proximity to Highway 123. Given the fact that safety is always something to look out for even while having fun, it is remarkable that the park has a kayaking rating of easy and medium, which in our opinion, is fair enough. Moving forward, the Buffalo National River boasts of an array of scenery, such as the spectacular view of the ancient Ozarks, which combines with the well-preserved status to deliver a breathtaking kayaking experience.


Kings River is the Best Place to Kayak

Here is another place to kayak in Arkansas, which ensures that you get the best out of your floats. It wouldn’t be out of place to consider it one of the richest and most preserved kayaking spots in the State of Arkansas. It would be recalled that the General Assembly of 1971 passed legislation that facilitated the protection of the river by government. Hence, you can be sure that the natural scenery would enhance your kayaking experience.

In addition, Kings River begins from the Boston Mountains and flows along the Arkansas-Missouri border to offer a rich-filled kayaking exposure to rafters that chose it. It is interesting to note that this spot also has a considerable length, given the fact that it stretches on a 15-mile journey from Marshall Ford to Rockhouse and another 11-mile kayaking flow from Marble to Marshall Ford.

Take Your Kayaking to the Cossatot River

The Cossatot is not your definition of smooth kayaking experience. Specifically designed for adventurists and people with some extra steel, this kayaking spot in Arkansas has many rapids that fall into the range of medium to difficult. In extreme cases, you may have to deal with an extremely difficulty floating that is characterized by difficult rapids. Therefore, you may want to exert yourself before embarking on the trip. However, if you can weather the storm, and raft through the difficult rapids to have a successful float, you can be sure that floating in the Cossatot River would come out as one of the richest kayaking experience you had in the State of Arkansas.


Kayak in Arkansas on the Big Piney Creek

Although Big Piney doesn’t come off as the traditional kayak rivers, the Natural State scenery and range of recreational opportunities are enough compensation. In the same regard, it has an impressive 67-mile stretch, which takes off from the heart of the Ozarks and stretches into the hinterlands to offer ranges of natural sceneries that are dotted by different levels of water movement.

As a security measure, you need to be wary of the third section of the creek, which is reputed for the difficult rapids. The third section called the Treat to Long Pool is notable for the tough rapids, such as “Cascades of Extinction”, “Surfing Hole”, and “Roller Coaster”.

Kayaking on Eleven Point River is Fun

It is a fact that nature has a way of refreshing the mind, which is a reason why many kayaking lovers chose to visit choice locations in Arkansas where they can have some time with nature. In light of this, the Eleven Point River passes off as a potential location to have a thriving kayaking experience. What’s more? You wouldn’t have to deal with traffic because it has sufficient banks to handle a good number of rafters.

One of the reasons why this river is reputed for kayaking is because of the surrounding landscape that is accentuated with fresh leaves and fine scenery atop clear waters. Therefore, the Eleven Point River is the place to be if you’re looking to have some time with nature while floating on the banks of crystal clear water with tremendous scenery.

Little Missouri River – A Suitable Kayaking Spot in Arkansas

Kayaking locations come with some challenges, especially when certain seasons are around the corner. For the Little Missouri River, a great deal of dexterity is needed to scale through it, especially in periods of rainfall. As a rule of the thumb, you may need to exercise patience and keep off your proposed trip pending the end of heavy rainfall. In that light, you would enjoy floating in springtime, just as the easy to very difficult kayaking experience adds extra spice to the whole affair.

Best Place to Kayak in Arkansas

Take Your Kayak to the Ouachita River

The Ouachita River has grown in leaps and bounds to become one of the leading kayaking spots in Natural State. Featuring breathtaking scenery and a 10-mile trip from Oden to Rocky Shoals Campground, the river has the capability to host many rafters, as they sojourn through the base of the Rich Mountain to the Ouachita Mountain.

Spring River is Cool for Kayaking

As the name denotes, Spring River is clear but you may need to wary of the chilly water. Drawing inspiration from the massive stream in the Mammoth Spring, it ensures that you have a hitch-free kayaking experience year round. Interestingly, there aren’t many hurdles to face, because the rapids are rated easy to medium with few spells of difficulty.

Float Your Kayak in Arkansas

The State of Arkansas is now a tourist location of sorts because of the range of kayak spots. With the above places in the Natural State, you can be sure that your yearly routine of kayaking would get even better. In addition, floating on any of the abundant parks and terrains with underlying mountains and hot springs adds more color to the experience.