Best Places To Kayak in Arizona

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Have you ever been to a place and had that “oh, what’s the beauty of this place” kind of feeling? It happens most times when we’re new to an area. We try to figure out all there is to that region to see if it’s something we can cope with. Kayakers may pass off as one of the selective set of people because they pay attention to details. So, when they set foot on a place, the first they do is to figure out the best places to kayak. Arizona is one of those places you can get the best collection of kayaking spots.

Kayaking in Arizona

So, you needn’t concentrate on the notion that Arizona is a “landlocked desert” that doesn’t have kayaking spots. On the contrary, the state of Arizona has fantastic kayaking locations and several sports with calm water where you can enjoy your kayaking trip. Thus, here are the best places to kayak in Arizona:

  • Blue Ridge Reservoir in Happy Jack, Arizona

The Blue Ridge Reservoir is undeniable, one of the perfect locations for kayakers to go about their surfing in the state of Arizona. The beauty of the reservoir is boosted by the absence of motorboats, which helps to create more space for you to practice your skills.

On the other hand, the reservoir has much alliance with mature, such as the surrounding by massive canyon walls and forestry. Paddlers also get to enjoy the 6,700 feet elevation that lifts the lake above the ground. With that, you can be sure of catching enough glimpses of the surroundings while basking in the euphoria of the trip.

Above all, the Blue Ridge Reservoir is traffic-free, which makes paddling for the kayakers. It also has narrow, calm waters. So, get ready to try your kayaking skills on this lake that is located along the Mogollon Rim.


  • Lake Powell

Lake Powell is a choice destination for kayakers that are looking to paddle in Arizona. The lake is not expansive but empowers you to go on a long ride, courtesy of the 170 miles of water. On the other hand, you may want to extend your paddle by taking advantage of the additional 1,900 miles it offers.

Perhaps one of the highpoints of the lake is the interoperability with other kayaking spots. Lake Powell also gives kayakers access to other kayaking locations, such as the Lone Rock Canyon, and the Antelope Canyon.

  • Lower Salt River in Mesa, Arizona

The status of the Lower Salt River as one of the best places to kayak in Arizona is hinged on the abundance of scenery it has to offer. For kayakers, the romance with nature in terms of the number of natural landscapes they get to see is one of the factors that influence their choice of a kayaking location. Therefore, the iconic scenery, the much wildlife, and the area of the Lower Salt River along with the lush greenery near towering picturesque cliffs add credence to the selection by many kayakers.

The river is also the best pick among the locals and novices that are looking to master the different kayaking skills, such as self-rescue. It is also the best spot you can get to escape the biting of the phoenix sun.

  • Tempe Town Lake

The Tempe Town Lake is one of the second most visited kayaking spots in Arizona. It has over two miles that make kayaking a worthwhile experience for both beginners and professionals. Among the features that make it attractive are the proximity to the city centre and the abundance of boat rental services.


  • Lone Rock Canyon

When you get to the Lone Rock Canyon, you can be sure of getting more offers that are not limited to kayaking. For instance, there is a guide service to help you in navigating the canyon, just as kayakers are allowed to seek adventures alone.

Now, you have the guarantee of calm water, which is a feature that is influenced by the massive cliffs that adorn the sides and tower above the canyon. Kayakers can also try their hands on other adventurous vacations, such as cliff diving.

The only challenge you may have is the changes in the peace of the water at different times in the day. For instance, the mornings offer chilly weather, but towards the end of the day, mostly in the evening, paddlers would be sure of a picturesque experience that is highlighted by the sunset.

  • Big Lake in Apache County, Arizona

Now, this is a kayaking spot in Arizona where angler wouldn’t want to miss out. There’s no denying that fishing from a kayak is an amazing experienced. Therefore, doing so from a comfortable position is the best step to a hitch-free and fun-filled kayaking experience.

What you have to do is to take your vessel to the Big Lake in the Apache County of Arizona. The location has a vast population of trout. The mountains and the gorgeous forest also expand the natural scenery. Moreover, the lake also has a tremendous elevation that is up to 9,000 with a 450-acre expanse of land.


  • Lake Pleasant

As the name already suggests, kayakers that are sojourning to this lake are sure of getting pleasure experiences throughout their ride. When it comes to the knowledge that is exclusive to the Lake Pleasant, you can get many options, such as an approximate length of 11.5 miles, and varieties of cliffs and canyons on the sides.

  • Verde River

Here is the last, but not the least of the best places to kayak in Arizona. The Verde River is famous not just for kayakers, but also for other paddlers that want to go fishing or hiking. The calm of the river alongside the sustainable make it the choice place for people looking to canoe and kayak.

You must, however, be careful because it can change tides without notice.


Final Words on the Best Places To Kayak in Arizona

You shouldn’t be looking for kayaking spots once you’re in Arizona. The state hosts many kayaking spots and locations, which are ideal for meeting the needs of different categories of kayakers.

So, take a cue from our list and enjoy your kayaking trip in any of the best places to kayak in Arizona. Your friends and family may be looking for the same locations. So, do well to share this post with them.