Best Places to Kayak in New Jersey

Last Updated on July 26, 2022 by Cristina

New Jersey and its many waters

If there is anything that New Jersey can boast of (well, apart from its enviable weather and beautiful sights), it is the number of waterways that are scattered across the country. And one watersport that has really grown, and still growing, over the years is kayaking. As a matter of fact, according to statistics from National Sporting Goods Association, the numbers of regular kayakers in North America alone have soared from 3.5 million to 8 million in just 10 years, making the sport one of the fastest-growing sports on the continent.

New Jersey’s Kayak Launching Spots

As a result of this explosive rise in the number of regular kayakers, it is only normal to find kayakers on any water-body that is large enough to take kayaks. This makes New Jersey a popular place to kayak. However, I want to save you the stress of finding a very good kayaking spot, so I’ve compiled a list of my best places to kayak in New Jersey.

My Best Places to Kayak

#1 Delaware River

The river not only sits in the border between New Jersey and Pennsylvania, but it also serves as the border between New Jersey and Delaware. The river stretches for endless miles, making it perfect for both beginner and professional kayakers. Not only would you be entranced with the beauty of the river, but the astonishing sceneries that play out before your eyes on the coastlines would definitely help you to relax.

Best Places to Kayak in New Jersey

Many people often launch their kayak from Bucks County and Hunterdon County and I also recommend that you start yours from any of these two as well. Here, you could rent yourself a kayak, if you don’t have one, before setting out to the river.

#2 Sterling Harbour

This site is also popular among kayakers, especially those who don’t mind kayaking among a crowd of other kayakers. However, as the site is an open water, there is enough space for everyone to conveniently do their thing without disturbing anyone else. 

You could also do a little fishing if you owned or rented a fishing gear on your kayak. 

#3 Shark River

If you don’t want to settle for mere relaxation, but wish to get your adrenaline pumping hard and fast as you treat yourself to a thrilling and adventure-filled tide riding, you are most welcome to Shark River. Here, your skill and experience as a kayaker would definitely be put to a test as you ride the tides out to the Atlantic before coming back to the shores.


Also, if all you want to do is to just do some simple kayaking for the sole purpose of relaxing, you could paddle along the coastlines of the river. Birdwatchers would also love this experience as they would get to see the Shark River Basin Estuary where about 90 species of birds have built their nests. 

#4 Union Lake

This lake serves as one of the best kayaking spots on my list, especially for those that want to do the sport for relaxation purposes only. The 5000 acres of water provides enough space to hold as many kayakers as possible, without any distractions from others. 

While kayaking, you would get to see the bald eagles and ospreys that fly across the skies of the lake. You could also do a little fishing if you wanted to. It gets more exciting when you learn that the lake has some islands where you could take a break and enjoy yourself.

Wrapping it all up

Now that you know where to launch your kayaks when you get to New Jersey, I hope that you treat yourself to as much fun as you can take. Should you have any questions, inquiries or more things to add, please drop them in the comment section below. See ya!