Best Places To Kayak in Ohio

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Kayaking is an experience you shouldn’t miss. It is more like getting a surprise gift when you never expected – such feelings of immense appreciation is second to none when you take out some time to spend time on the water. For some people, kayaking is just an activity that should only be done when they feel like. To some others, kayaking has more health benefits because of the toning of the muscle and the relaxation of the mind. So, you need to be sure that the place you intend to go on surfing is somewhere you can really enjoy your paddling.

Kayaking in Ohio

Ohio, which is also called the “Buckeye State”, is the kayakers’ destination because of the fantastic spots, and the impressive sceneries that are exclusive to the location. Ohio has in the recent years, become the kayakers’ favourite for many reasons, such as the abundance of kayaking locations, the provision of kayak rentals in some of the sites, and above all, the plenty opportunities that await you out there on the water.

That said, you might now be considering the best places to kayak in Ohio. You aren’t alone on that because many other kayakers are looking for the kayaking locations in Ohio. We’ve put together some of the favourite spots where you can kayak without hassles in Ohio.

  • Lake Erie

Lake Erie is the favourite of many kayakers, and we can’t agree otherwise because the pieces of evidence are many. Aside from the status as one of the five (5) biggest lakes in Ohio, Lake Erie also has a vast expanse of water that can accommodate many kayakers at a go. Moreover, you can do pretty much any kayaking you want. Whether it is to take long expeditions or to splash around in the shallows, you can be sure that Lake Erie’s vast expanse got you covered.

On the other hand, the lake has an island, which has turned out to be the favourite spot of professional kayakers that want to embark on longer paddles. Also, Kelleys Island, which doubles as another ideal spot, comes with more opportunities, especially with the abundance of wildlife and outdoor recreation spots. To crown it all, you can hire a kayak if need be.


  • The Hinckley Lake

There is more to outdoor activities than just kayaking. Indeed, paddling on a boat is fun, but what if you add other things to spice it up? That is where Hinckley Lake comes into the picture, and that is where you need to take your kayak on the next trip.

So, what makes the Hinckley Lake special? Among many other things you get to enjoy in this kayaking location in Ohio are the additional attractions, such as the surrounding cliffs where you can go a-climbing, and the expansive park that surrounds the lake. More exciting is the expansiveness of the lake, which is up to 90 acres. With such an expanse, you wouldn’t have a hard time engaging in both paddlesports and boating on the Hinckley Lake.


  • Mohican River

What could be more fulfilling than basking under the sun in water that is slow-moving? That is one of the many reasons that the Mohican River is the perfect spot for many kayakers. It’s worth mentioning that the river is slow-moving, which is something many kayakers need to be on course throughout their paddles.

On the other hand, the river has many different recreational offers to make. The first on the list are campsites, where kayakers can either spend some few hours before continuing with their paddles or rest for the night if they are on longer paddles. The second and most fantastic is fishing whereby the kayakers can fish as much as they want.

Above all, the Mohican River has additional outdoor centres, such as the Mohican Adventures where you can move to and from many launch sites.


  • Cowan Lake State Park

There are times when you would like to spend some time with your family outdoors. The Cowan Lake State Park presents that opportunity on a platter. Kayakers that take to this location get to enjoy the ten horsepower limit placed on kayaks. With that, you can be sure that the water would be calm because the paddlers wouldn’t be at high speed. The calmness also opens the opportunity to spend time with your family on the water. It is also ideal for novice kayakers that are still testing the water until they become master paddlers.

When you decide to rest for a while from paddling, you may want to engage in other activities, such as picnic areas and hiking trails.


  • Grand River

Here is a three-in-one place to kayak in Ohio. The Grand River has abundant wildlife, impressive sceneries, and lots of fishes in the water. What more could be as fantastic as enjoying the scenic atmosphere and the incredible views as the river passes through a gorge? To wrap it up, the Grand River has slow-moving, which is perfect for enjoying leisure paddles.


  • Hocking River

The Hocking River doesn’t have a limit on the kayakers that can paddle on it. With the slow pace of the river and the steady current, kayakers of different skill levels can always paddle without hassles here. Also, kayakers can patronize a couple of businesses that engage in many operations, such as renting canoes and kayaks to paddlers.


  • Kokosing River Water Trail

You now have the opportunity to explore many upsides that come with kayaking. The Kokosing River Water Trail now makes it easier for kayakers of different skill levels to enjoy hassle-free paddles. Also, the multiple access points make it easier for kayakers to get in and out of the river without breaking a sweat.

On the other hand, the Kokosing River Water Trail poses some obstacles, such as boulders and rocks that might hamper your paddles.


Kayak in Ohio

Ohio boasts of many locations for kayaking, just as the sceneries in the rivers and waters are fascinating. Therefore, if you’ve been looking for the best places to kayak in Ohio, we believe you would find the outlined locations above helpful.