Best Places To Kayak In Texas

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The first things that would most likely come to mind when you think about Texas are cowboys and horses and country music and all. But not many would know about the rolling hills that elevate themselves magnificently or the gulf coast that spreads out beautifully in the state.

There’s even an endless amount of fun opportunities on water as Texas alone has more than 3000 names streams. Like that isn’t enough, there are also 15 major rivers in the state. With these many options, there are so many places where you could enjoy kayaking.

However, it shouldn’t surprise you that Texas, having so many streams and rivers, would have a lot of kayak launching spots. So much that picking one would be quite a challenge. That is why I have compiled for you a number of the best places to kayak in Texas.

Best Places to Kayak

Blanco River

Located near Wimberly, Blanco River is one of the most popular places to kayak in Texas. Why not? The rolling hills that surround the river and the steep cliffs everywhere all make an enticing scenery for ‘yakkers. 

The only thing is that during normal water levels, the river always looks to be too shallow. As a result, kayaking can only be enjoyed during flooding conditions in this area. This is why it isn’t really advisable for beginner ‘yakkers to even come near the Blanco River to kayak. Even intermediate level and expert ‘yakkers would have to be on top of their game to safely kayak here. 

However, that aside, the Blanco River is an absolutely great place to kayak.


Lady Bird Lake

Located in downtown Austin, the lake is regarded as one of the best places to kayak in all of the state because of the serene atmosphere and the breathtaking scenery. 

Not only would you have the opportunity to drink in the exciting views of downtown, but the lake itself also has a lot of spots where you could take a break from paddling and relax. 

Paddling west would avail you the opportunity of seeing magnificent rolling hills in Central Texas while paddling east would be a great choice for anglers. This is because there are always a lot of fishes to catch on this side of the lake.

The shores of the lake are as interesting as the lake itself as there are always life bands to entertain you while you either prepare to kayak or you are getting done for the day.


Colorado River

One thing you are sure to enjoy here on this river is that there a lot of miles of slow-flowing river to cover, giving you enough opportunities to test out your skills and exercise your upper body. This is because the Colorado River is the 18th longest river in the United States.

Beginner ‘yakkers would mostly find this place rewarding and enjoyable as the river current slowly nudges you downstream, and there are very few dangerous spots around. 

On the first few miles, you would be surrounded by nothing but green vegetation. Going further, you would begin to feast your eyes on the beautiful scenery of sandstone bluffs and cliffs.


Devil’s River

Don’t let the name scare you. As a matter of fact, this place is actually well known for its beauty, as opposed to the ugly image of the devil some people imagine.

However, the river is only recommended to experts’ yakkers alone as there are quite a number of dangerous places spots on the river. In fact, one would encounter some class III rapids here on the river. 

But the beautiful scenery of the desert that surrounds this river clearly makes up for whatever danger it may pose. The only thing is that you might be really busy trying to maneuver around rocks and obstacles. 


Guadalupe River

The large number of kayaks you would always find on this river already testifies to the popularity of the river. And unsurprisingly, the popularity is justified as it is one river where you can enjoy all kinds of kayaking.

Those that love to navigate the rapids have class III rapids to contend with on this river. Those who are just kayaking for the sake of recreation and relaxing would also find a large expanse of calm waters to satisfy themselves. Also, if angling is what you do on your kayak, there are more than enough spots to spoil yourself.

Finally, the spring-fed Guadalupe River offers you its crystal clear water to help give you the kayaking experience of a lifetime.


Buffalo Bayou Paddling Trail

Here is another place you should visit. The trail offers about 26 miles of nothing but the beautiful sights of downtown Houston. 

The atmosphere around the trail is usually serene and relaxed. In fact, on a good day, you would sight exciting wildlife, such as Hawks, turtles, herons and some more. Although there are some rapids there, they are not really dangerous, so, experts and beginners ‘yakkers alike can all have enough fun on the trail. 

Also, there are organized tours that take you around to explore the beauty around the paddling trail. 


Wrapping It All Up

Of course, if I have to list all the great places to kayak in Texas, these pages wouldn’t be enough to do justice to them all. However, these few mentioned places are good enough to ensure that every ‘yakker is exposed to the best kayaking opportunities Texas has to offer.

One thing that is common to all of these mentioned places is that there are nice hotels nearby where you could lodge for a while if you need too. Also, there are also spots where you could rent yourself a kayak or some other necessary gear for kayaking. 

In all, a visit to Texas wouldn’t even be half complete if you don’t test out the many waters in the state in your kayak. If you have questions, inquiries, additions, requests or any other thing to say, feel free to jump into our comment section and let us know.