Best Rivers to Kayak in New England

Last Updated on July 20, 2022 by Ecorf

This little state has one of the most beautiful sceneries in the country. The Flora, the fauna, the weather, the water bodies, and even the people all make remarkable contributions to the collective beauty of the state. If you live there, well, you’re lucky to be living in paradise, and if you don’t, you should most definitely pay a visit to the state. 

At New England, there is never a boring day, as everywhere is filled with really interesting activities, and one of the most popular of these activities is kayaking. New England is never short of water bodies, and as a result, many watersports thrive in the area. 

There are a lot of nice places to kayak in New England, all of which would make you really happy after you’re done kayaking. However, there are still some places where I really think you would appreciate the most. Here are my best Rivers to Kayak in New England:

My Best Rivers to Kayak in New England

Lake Champlain in Vermont

One advantage of the massiveness of this lake is that it can contain a lot of people at once, without anyone interfering with another. The beautiful scenery surrounding the lake are sights to relive again and again, even when you leave the lake. To put it simply, Lake Champlain is the place to go if you would love to kayak with nothing but beautiful and colorful sights surrounding you. 

The water of Lake Champlain is also very friendly, as its calmness welcomes all kayakers to it. Not only would those at the beginner level of kayaking enjoy themselves, the experts would also find this place relaxing. All these put together, are what make lake Champlain a great spot to kayak. 

Best rivers to kayak in New England

Squam Lake in New Hampshire

The lake is notable for being the shooting location of the interesting “On The Golden Pond” movie. Because this place is not often congested, you would find this place to be a very cool and serene site to kayak. The lake not only offers you it’s calm waters to kayak on, it also exposes you to fascinating sights that would be etched on your memory for a very long time. 

Even those that don’t kayak would find the lake to be an amazing place to visit as there are hiking and biking trails all around, restaurants to fill your belly with nice delicacies when you are famished, and many more interesting activities.


Plum Island in Massachusetts

The island is not only filled with beautiful flora all around, there are also amazing marine wildlife that you are likely to sight around the island. The Seal Paddlers, for instance, set out to spot and marvel at the seals that can be found in the area. 

From the island, you could also get a group tour of marshes and waterways. These are especially great for those who are relatively new to kayaking. Even experts would not disappointed with the waterways.

Best rivers to kayak in New England

Wrapping Up

These named rivers will not only worth your while, you are guaranteed a fulfilling time when you are there, and nostalgic memories to go home with. With these, you would be itching for your next visit to the beautiful New England for your next kayaking experience.

If you have any questions, concerns, additions or inquiries, please do not tarry in letting us know through the comments section below. And remember, never sop kayaking!!?