Best Saltwater Baitcast Reels Review

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For some, fishing is just for survival. For some, it is for relaxation. For others still, it is a sport. However, whatever reason it is that you fish for, you can’t argue that using the right equipment makes your job a lot easier. With the perfect baitcasting reel, you would most likely come out of almost every tussle with a catch successful. 

However, there are so many brands of baitcasting reels in the market today, so much that choosing one can be quite a headache sometimes. Some are quite good while others are nothing to write home about. It is for this reason I have prepared a list of the best saltwater baitcasting reels for you, along with a short guide on how to choose one for yourself; to help you choose the best baitcasting reels. 

Choosing A Baitcasting Reel For Yourself

As is the case for many things that come in varieties according to their features, there are some things you really should consider before buying a baitcasting reel. Here is a list of factors to consider.

Saltwater or Freshwater

There are two common water bodies where anglers fish and they are saltwater and freshwater. 

Deciding where you want to fish comes into play when you consider the fact that saltwater easily corrodes reels. So, if you would be doing more of your business in the saltwater, you should really consider getting yourself a corrosion resistant seal. Anodized aluminum, shielded stainless steel, and forged aluminum materials are great for this. Of course, if you are reading this article, you are either looking to fish in saltwater or you already do.

However, freshwater doesn’t have the complication of corrosion so you are good to go without any care for corrosion.


The durability of your reel is highly dependent on the kind of material it is made of. That is why you should put a lot of thought into choosing a building material.

The most common materials that are used to make reels are graphite and aluminum. Aluminum reels are usually strong and do pretty well when you catch a big fish. Graphite reels, on the other hand, may not be as strong but they are really light, making them perfect for long fishing trips. 


The bigger the drag, the more successful you would be in winning a tussle against big, strong fish species without breaking your rod. A frame-based drag system is generally stronger than a spool based drag system. However, the spool based drag system affords you a level of control that a frame-based system couldn’t.

Gear Ratio

This signifies the number of times your reel spins per rotation. Basically, the higher your gear ratio, the faster it is for you to retrieve your line. The heat ratio always looks like this: 5.7:1. This means that your reel spins 5.7 times per rotation.

Best Saltwater Baitcast Reels Review

Reel Size

This is simply the amount of line your spool can take. To put it simply, if your reel is too big, it would be hard for you to maneuver it. And if is too small, you’re more prone to errors. 


Bearings help you to have a smoother casting or reeling. They also help to keep your reel stable. The number of bearings in reels usually varies. 

At this point, it is important to note that a reel that has many bearings doesn’t necessarily guarantee you more smoothness than another reel that has less, although the number of bearings does count. What matters most is the quality of the bearings.

Taking Care Of Your Baitcasting Reel

No matter how durable and rugged your baitcasting reels are, they still deserve to be well taken care of. Here are a few ways to help keep them in top condition.

  • Consistent greasing helps your gear work smoothly and keep them from grinding due to friction.
  • Keep your reels dry after using them.
  • Regular cleaning is important
  • Oil the bearings regularly too. 
  • When taking the reel apart, do it with as much caution



Which is Better: Spinning Reel or Baitcaster? It all depends on you, really. They both have their strengths and weaknesses. Spinning Reels are generally better for beginners while baitcaster are great for their accuracy. So, go with whatever suits you best.

How is Front Drag different from Rear Drag? Although there may not be a huge difference between them, if it counts for anything, front drag runs very smoothly while rear drag allows for an easy spool changing.

What’s Instant Anti-Reverse? It simply stops your reel from going backwards.

Best Baitcasting Reels

Abu Garcia Revo 4 Rocket

This is one of the most popular baitcasting reels that you would find around. Although Abu Garcia have been producing reels since 1941, they only launched the Revo line in 2006. This line has since earned the trust of a lot of regular anglers and tournament fishermen. 

Its graphite body material and the company’s trademark X2 frame make the reel strong enough to easily take on the big fish species like bass and pike. Also, it boasts of a gear ratio of 10:1:1. With an EVA gripped aluminum handle, you are more equipped to handle stronger fish species than you would be with other baitcasting reels.

How far can you cast a line with the Abu Garcia Revo 4 Rocket? Well, you can cast your line as far as 140 yards from where you are. Also, the line is strong enough to not give in when tussling against strong fish species. You have about 8 pounds of drag with this reel and a sharp braking system. 

For high-end baitcasting reels, Abu Garcia Revo 4 Rocket is truly


  • Great drag system
  • You enjoy a smooth casting
  • The line capacity is long enough to cover a larger radius.


  • Quite expensive
  • Performs better on stuff rods

Best Saltwater Baitcast Reels Review

Shimano Curado K

Another popular manufacturer of baitcasting reels is Shimano. Not only are they a popular brand, but their products are also regarded as being reliable. 

When you talk about strength and durability in baitcasting reels, Shimano Curado K is a good example of a reel that possesses both qualities. Firstly, the frame and the handle are made with strong aluminum and a Hegane body to make it strong enough to tackle big catches.

Using their state-of-the-art technology, Shimano makes sure that the braking system of this reel is sharp and strong enough to make things easy for you. And with an 11-pound drag system coupled with a gear ratio of 8:1:1, there’s almost no limit to the quality to this reel. A massive 140 yards of 10 pounds mono is what you have to cast your baits as you wish.

A lot of customers agree that the Shimano Curado is a reel that definitely proved that it is worth every single pretty penny spent on it. 


  • Massive line capacity of 140 yards
  • Durable
  • Fast, well balanced and reliable


  • Weighs 11 pounds which is quite heavy
  • The drag is quite weak when compared with other reels in its category

Best Saltwater Baitcast Reels Review

Daiwa Coastal TWS T-Wing

If you are still new to fishing with baitcasters, here’s one for you. First of all, the lightweight of the reel makes it fit easily in your grips. And that is a great thing for beginner anglers as they can concentrate more on their catches than on the weight of their reels. 

Of course, Daiwa Coastal TWS T-Wing baitcasting reel makes it to this list of best saltwater baitcasting reels because its 7 corrosion-resistant bearings don’t give in to corrosion. With a drag of 15.4 pounds and a line capacity of 165 yards, you can tackle quite heavy and stubborn fish species with ease. A gear ratio of 7:3:1 further makes sure of that. 


  • Enormous line capacity
  • Durable
  • Also great for freshwater fishing


  • Drag isn’t high enough. 

Best Saltwater Baitcast Reels Review

My Pick

Of the 3 saltwater baitcasting reels that make it to this list, the Abu Garcia Revo 4 Rocket is still the one I most prefer. With this, I am sure that my reel wouldn’t fail me on the day that I need to make big catches. Its strength and durability are out of this world, while its line capacity makes sure that I can reach as far as possible with ease.

Wrapping it All Up

If you are a serious angler or you are looking to be one, a good baitcasting reel is what you need to take the leap from an amateur to a professional. And with this guide, I hope you now know enough to choose the right reel for yourself when you go shopping for one. 

If you have questions, inquiries and additional inputs, please feel free to them out in the comments section below and I’ll be glad to attend to you. 

Have a great day.