Best Two Seater Fishing Kayaks

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It’s really great when we do our fishing alone. Wrapped up in the peace and serenity that only solitude can provide. But it’s even better when we have friends or family members for company.

With some company, fishing, which is often a game of patience, gets far less boring and exciting. Also, some extra hands would help increase your chances of success in winning tussles against those stubborn catches. Fishing alone is great, trust me, but it could get even better with some company. 

For this reason, there are fishing kayaks that are big enough to accommodate two people. These fishing kayaks are called tandem kayaks. Because of their enormous accommodation space, they are just perfect for what they are used for. 

However, buying yourself a tandem fishing kayak can sometimes prove to be confusing because there are a lot of options on the market. But don’t worry, I have compiled a list of the few best tandem fishing kayaks in this article along with a little guide to choosing one for yourself.

Short Guide: Things To Consider

Of course, there are always things to either ask yourself or know before arriving at the decision of buying a lot of things. But for two-seater fishing kayaks, the things to consider are:

Sit-in or Sit-on

Kayaks often come in these two categories. Sit-in kayaks have front coverings where you can hide your feet in while sit-on kayaks don’t have such. Usually, tandem fishing kayaks are sit-on kayaks.



The first thing you really have to consider is your budget. You could do a rough search of kayak prices on the internet so that you would have an idea of how much money you should prepare the kayak. You definitely do not want to go to the store and return home empty-handed because you didn’t budget enough money for the kayak of your choice.

Built-in holders

One thing fishing kayaks have that tells them apart from other kinds of kayak is the rod holder. If you buy a kayak that isn’t a fishing kayak, you can fix a rod holder on it if you want but fishing kayaks normally come with this feature.

Multiple Rod Holders

This is a factor that differentiates fishing kayaks from one another. Some have enough space to hold a number of fishing rods while some others don’t have as much space. If you are a heavy angler, you would need a fishing kayak that holds multiple rods at once.



This also makes for an important factor to consider when choosing a tandem fishing kayak. It only makes sense for a fishing kayak that is built to hold two people to have enough width for stability. That is why a lot of tandem fishing kayaks are actually wider and longer.

Storage Space

The fact that there are already two people on the kayak doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be any space left to store gear and keep our catches. Two Seater Fishing Kayaks often have enough space to hold everything you would need for your kayak fishing trip.


This is an extremely important factor to consider as you wouldn’t want to complain about aches all over your body because of a long kayak fishing trip. Whatever fishing kayak you might want to buy should have convenient seats and footrests. 

Best Two Seater Fishing Kayaks


  • What do I stand to gain from owning a tandem fishing kayak?

Having a company when you are fishing is always a great idea. Apart from helping to keep boredom at bay, it is often safer to travel in groups. Also, you have a higher chance of winning tussles with resilient fishes. 

Furthermore, if you would be fishing alone on a tandem fishing kayak, you would have more storage space at your disposal. 

  • Can I paddle a tandem fishing kayak alone?

Definitely. Most tandem fishing kayaks have adjustable front seats so that you can shift it to the middle of the kayak and paddle with more ease and balance. However, some other tandem fishing kayaks don’t have these adjustable seats so you would have to paddle from the rear seat, sacrificing some balance and control in as a result.

  • How safe are tandem fishing kayaks?

Really safe. Because they are built to hold two ‘yakkers, tandem fishing kayaks are always wide and long. As a result, stability is bolstered.

Best Two Seater Fishing Kayaks

  • How much weight can a tandem fishing kayak hold?

Trust me, tandem fishing kayaks are the camels of kayaks. You would be surprised at how much weight they can hold. As a matter of fact, most of them can hold about 450 pounds of total weight or more. However, it all depends on the size or the kayak.

  • Are there any disadvantages to using a tandem fishing kayak?

There are just very few cons of two-seater fishing kayaks. One of them is that they are usually hard to transport because of their size. Another disadvantage is that you might need to learn to collaborate perfectly with your co-paddler to have a smooth ride. Situations, where the two paddlers aren’t compatible enough, could lead to unnecessary complications.

Best Two Seater Fishing Kayaks

UH-TK181 12.5 Ft Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayak

This tandem fishing kayak is regarded as one of the best for a lot of reasons. The first of them is that it is really durable and strong. 

The kayak is 12.5 feet long and it has a width of 30 inches. This alone says a lot about its stability on the water. Although a 68 pounds of weight may seem quite heavy for a kayak, it is actually one of the lightest tandem kayaks out there. 

Best Two Seater Fishing Kayaks

With a total maximum weight of 450 pounds, you are sure to be able to carry as much gear as you would love. As a matter of fact, it has waterproof hatches to help keep some stuff that you don’t want to get wet. 

Furthermore, the kayak has comfortable seats, paddle holders, rod holders that can hold up to 7 fishing rods, waterproof hatches and handles for easy movement. Generally, this kayak is a really great fishing kayak


  • Great storage capacity
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Light for a tandem kayak


  • Seats aren’t comfortable enough
  • Doesn’t really have much depth so it takes on water frequently.

Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak

Don’t let the looks fool you. It is way stronger than it looks. This inflatable kayak has dimensions of 30.6 inches by 11.6 inches by 19.2 inches. Because it is an inflatable kayak, it has a lightweight of 40 pounds which makes it far lighter than other tandem kayaks that aren’t inflatable. 

Although, the Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak doesn’t look like it but it can hold its own when it comes to storage compartments as it has a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds. 

Best Two Seater Fishing Kayaks

The kayak has a tarpaulin bottom which makes of float excellently in all types of water bodies, such as lakes, rivers, and oceans. The rod holders also do a great job being able to hold a number of fishing rods conveniently. The seats are also really comfortable for you to adjust it to rightly.


  • Great for fishing
  • Really strong and durable
  • Can comfortably hold its two paddlers for long
  • Leakproof


  • Doesn’t come with paddles

Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak

This tandem kayak is a monster among all others when it comes to stability. It has a length of 10 feet, a width of 3 feet and a massive weight of 66 pounds. All these combine to help make up the great stability that it has. 

Furthermore, Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak has an astounding maximum carrying capacity of 500 pounds. This simply means that you can carry as much stuff as you want without any fear of them being too much for the kayak. It is built with high-density polyethylene which makes it really strong and durable.

Best Two Seater Fishing Kayaks

Another interesting thing about this kayak is that your comfort is guaranteed as it has two padded seats, a molded seat and a number of footrests. It also has a watertight storage hatch on its rear and three-rod holders. To top it all up, you could even have a third person tag along with you on your kayak fishing experience without much compromise to your comfort. 


  • Very stable
  • Light paddles
  • Very comfortable


  • Not suitable in any kind of water body that isn’t flat water.
  • Its slowness makes it bad for recreational and touring kayaking.

My Pick

Really, all these kayaks are worth their price is you wouldn’t regret buying any of them. However, I would choose the Lifetime 10 Foot Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak over the others for a number of reasons. 

Firstly, it is massively stable and durable. With this, you are guaranteed a lot of balance while fishing. Secondly, it has a great total carrying capacity which makes it great for anyone who loves to pack a lot of stuff like me. As a bonus, this kayak accommodates a third person.