How To Choose The Best Kayak For Seniors

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Participation in exciting and thrilling events like kayaking are not limited to just the youths alone. Older individuals have also shown a growing interest in such events. More people have taken to kayaking for relaxation, nature exploration or exercise.

Kayaking for older people requires a special setup different from normal kayak based on different preferences ranging from stability to comfort

Is Kayaking Good for Seniors?

Seniors are advised to engage in more physical activities to enhance health and wellbeing. It is necessary to look for activities that are fun and serve as exercising activities, kayaking being one of such. These activities help to reduce the bad effect of aging and improve general wellbeing. 

How to choose best Kayak for Seniors

Kayaking helps to improve upper body fitness. The arms and torso are also strengthened from propelling the kayak forward. Heart rate is also increased significantly. Generally, kayaking is a good event for seniors as it serves as a good source of exercising and fun.

Kayak Types: Which is Best for Seniors?

Kayaks come in different types and designs, based on various functionalities and preferences. The inflatable kayak, the sit-on-top, and the sit-in kayaks are some of the different types that can be chosen from.

Selecting a kayak for seniors should be done by considering the features of these types that suit their preferences.

Inflatable kayaks are gradually getting accepted increasingly mainly because of improvement on the design and its flexibility. Usually ignored in the past, we can now acquire some light and very durable inflatable kayaks that serves all intended purposes.

They also have really awesome safety measures put in place in case of rupture which makes them really safe.

How to choose best Kayak for Seniors

Sit-on-top kayaks are also quite awesome and enjoyable in a good weather as they are quite exposed and provide little protection from the water and wind. The sit-on-top kayaks are really good for seniors majorly because of the ease in accessing the kayak. The stability it provides is also really good.

The last kayak type is the sit-in. The sit-in kayak also offers stability because more of the body is in the kayak. It offers better protection from wind and water and can be used in bad weather conditions.

Considering all the types of kayaks, it’s advisable to choose a sit-in kayak for a senior. It provides a lot of stability and safety due to the fact that major body parts are in the kayak. The protection it offers from water and wind also serves well.

Important Kayak Accessories for Seniors

Safety is a major consideration that should be taken when kayaking as a senior. Kayak accessories enhance the safety of older kayakers.

  • Life jacket: While kayaking in open water, a life jacket is an important accessory to possess. Kayakers tend to enjoy the experience more when safety is assured even when they are not very good swimmers.
  • Straps: Most kayak designs provide efficient straps. This enhances safety by ensuring you remain grounded even if the kayak hits a rough wave

Best Sit-on-top Kayak for Seniors

Ocean 12-foot malibu tandem kayak 

My recommendation for a sit on top kayaks that satisfies most preferences of seniors is the ocean kayak Malibu tandem. The Malibu Tandem kayak really stakes its claim as a very good kayak for seniors with its versatility as it has no less than seven seating options. It has a triform hull which makes it suitable for virtually every kayaking activity. 

The Malibu Tandem also has a rotatable seat which can be made to face the rear. It can contain about 450lbs weight which means the kayak can contain a lot of accessories but remains very stable notwithstanding. The Malibu Tandem comes with four cool self-draining holes quickly drains water that comes in from the side. It has tons of space for storage compartment and UV resistant seats, it also glows in the dark, really neat yeah?

The stability of the kayak, along with its versatility and enhanced comfort makes the Malibu tandem the right and wise choice when choosing a kayak for a senior.

How To Choose The Best Kayak For Seniors

Best Sit-in Kayak for Seniors

Dagger Katana 10.4

This 10’4” long kayak is a really good sit-in kayak for seniors. It also serves as a crossover kayak that best merges the best attributes of both whitewater and seawater kayaks. The hull itself is built with polyethylene, making it strong enough to resist assaults from rock obstructions improving the safety.

Another thing that makes this kayak stand out is its width. With a width of 27.25″, it provides a more stable experience. Another thing the width is great for is its large storage space where other gears and safety accessories could be kept. Furthermore, adjustable seats and restraining straps help to make your ride much more comfortable.

The hull of the Dagger Katana 10.4 is rounded for one reason: easy maneuvering. With this, easy navigation on the white waters is well taken care of. However, this rounded hull would not make you suffer for tracking and stability on sea waters because the kayak comes with a skeg that keeps the kayak stable.  

How To Choose The Best Kayak For Seniors

How to Choose the Best Kayaks for Seniors

Selecting the best kayaks for seniors can only be done by putting some major features into consideration.

  • Stability: Stability is an important factor to consider. A kayak that can stay upright under intense conditions should be a priority.
  • Safety: Different factors are to be considered to ensure overall safety. A sit-in kayak would be the best option to be used by a senior that is easily prone to cold. Kayaks with good safety accessories are also good choices.
  • Preference:  Each choice of kayak is designed to be distinct in preference. Some designs pay more attention to seat comfort, room space for additional gadgets, cockpit size. We advise selecting a kayak which compliments and suits your preference.
  • Budget: With various choices in the market, it’s necessary to consider your financial stance before selecting a kayak. Prices of kayaks differ based on their functionality and design materials.

Wrapping it All Up

Nobody is too old to miss out on the thrills of kayaking and these considerations are sure to help in selecting a kayak. 

Safety is always paramount when talking about kayaking. With that in mind, all measures should be taken to ensure nothing goes wrong. Packing adequate safety accessories for your kayaking trip and finding out more about the waterway to be explored. Safety should always come first, Cheers.