How To Hang Kayak in Garage

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Buying a kayak is one side of the coin, and securely storing it is another side. Paddlers are now looking for how to hang kayak in the garage because that is one of the parts of the home where there’s sufficient space for the kayak. It’s essential to keep in mind that warping tends to occur during the storage. So, you should be looking at how to store the kayak without endangering the thin material used in the construction.

So, we would kick off with the basics before progressing to unearth the procedure of storing the kayak in your garage.

Preparing for the Storage

Of course, you need to prepare for the storage. You don’t just wake up and hang the kayak in your garage. The steps below would help you in having a grasp of the things to look at to maximize and make the best out of the storage.

  • Decide on Where to Store the Kayak

Location is essential when hanging the kayak. There are two options in this regard. The first is to look for somewhere spacious. It’s vital because it gives more room for the vessel, thereby reducing the chances of warping.

Second, you need to ensure that the chosen/selected location is not under direct sunlight or any other heat sources. For garage storage, you would be looking at storing the kayak in a dark area that is not above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Clean the Kayak

Once you’ve got a storage space in the garage that is not overheated, you can then proceed to wash out and dry the kayak. Use a mild-soap cleaner and sponge to wash out the vessel while paying attention to all the parts. Rinse with water and ensure no soap residue is left behind after the wash.

The next step would be to empty any water in the drain plug or hatch. Next, you would dry the kayak using a soft towel.

  • Remove Soft Materials

This is perhaps, one of the most overlooked aspects when it comes to hanging a kayak in the garage. It’s vital to remove soft materials, such as the seat, because that helps in reducing the weight of the vessel.

Instead, the soft materials, when removed, should be stored in a separate place, preferably in a closet or any other area that is not cold.

  • Get A Cover

You’re almost set to hang your kayak in a garage. But, before that, you need to get a storage cover. That helps in protecting the kayak from elements, such as critters and specks of dust that may be lurking around the garage.


Storing the Kayak in the Garage

It’s time for the chickens to come home to roost. It’s time to store the kayak in a convenient place. The garage readily comes to mind, and rightly so because it has enough space and the right temperature for storing the vessel.

When storing it, you must note that it’s better to hang the kayak because that would prevent the likelihood of being warped. On that note, you can use any of the methods below to hang kayak in a garage:

  • Wall Mounting

Many kayak owners have misinterpreted this to be the same as the Rack option of storing kayak in the garage. Nevertheless, they have some features that set them apart. The Wall Mounting technique of hanging kayak in the garage is one of the most widely used because of the flexibility. It entails hanging the vessel on the wall.

Specific features need to be looked into when considering this option. First, you have to consider the height of the rack. The rule of thumb is to find a sturdy structure like durable metal pipes or sturdy wood beams that can support the kayak. That is against the use of plywood and drywall that cannot hold the kayak in place. Also, you need to go for higher racks that offer more spaces beneath for storing other items.


The next step towards the storage is to get a rope or bracket-style storage system that would be attached to the wall of the garage before being wrapped around the kayak. Once the storage unit has been attached to the unit as directed in the manual, you can take the final step to the safety of your kayak by tilting/hanging the vessel on its side. Hang the kayak horizontally with the cockpit facing out, while the backside lies flat against the wall.

  • Kayak Racks

The use of kayak racks is an excellent way to store your vessel without hassles. Ideally, the racks are perfect for paddlers that are looking to save only a few kayaks.

The racks come in different forms as well. You can get the free-standing variation that can support up to six (6) kayaks or the wall-mountable that can take anywhere between two to three vessels.

How To Hang Kayak in Garage

No matter the option you selected, always ensure that you plan the spacing on the wall of the garage before hanging. That makes it easier to get the right rack that can contain the number of hard shells you own.

  • Suspended

You must have observed that the previous methods of hanging a kayak in the garage are designed to place the kayak comfortably on the wall, especially in terms of laying them back against the wall. On the contrary, the suspended variation is famous for the limited use of space.

In that instance, you’re expected to consider hanging the kayak in a garage that has a higher ceiling. That makes it flexible to attach pulleys on the kayak for easy pulling up and down when need be. Besides, the model also opens up opportunities for saving space, because you can then hang as many kayaks as the available space can occupy.

How To Hang Kayak in Garage

Hang Your Kayak in Garage

Your kayak shouldn’t be laying about the home when you can conveniently store it. The garage is one of the best places to do that because of the serene environment and the availability of space. It’s also essential to look at the different methods of hanging the kayak in the garage, such as suspension and wall-mounting.

We hoped you got value. So, tell us in the comment section: what is the storage method you used for your kayak in the garage?