How To Store A Kayak

Last Updated on July 11, 2022 by Ecorf

One of the really important things you have to consider before you buy a kayak is how best to store it. If you didn’t think of it before buying the kayak you would eventually be faced with the issue after you buy the kayak. So it’s just better that you get the storage part settled before you get the kayak. 

There are many ways people store kayaks. Unsurprisingly, not all of these ways are the proper ways of storing a kayak. In this article, I will be showing you how to store a kayak before going further to tell you how you shouldn’t store your kayak. 

Reasons Why You Need To Properly Store Your Kayak

To keep your kayak from getting deformed or damaged. Whether your kayak is going to be in perfect working conditions for a long time after you buy it is totally in your hands. The way you store your kayak goes a long way in helping your kayak to remain in great condition. 

There are some ways you would store your kayak such that it begins to have dents or cracks. When a kayak is deformed or damaged, it loses some of its functionalities when you are using it on water. There are also ways to store your kayak such that it would be as good as new whenever you want to use it. 

How To Store A Kayak

Another reason why you should store properly store your kayak is to keep it protected from the elements. Needless to say, you can’t store nature from doing its job but you can definitely stop it from doing its job on your kayak. And believe me, whatever job nature does on your kayak is most likely going to damage it. 

The hot sun, the coldness of winter, the wetness of the rain and the corrosiveness of salt water can all do some damage to your kayak. 

Where To Store Your Kayak

There are just two obvious options for where to store your kayak. You can either store it indoors or outdoors. Outdoor storage is not really encouraged except you really have no other choice. 

Storing Your Kayak Indoor

Keeping your canoe indoors is a great idea, especially if you have enough space in your garage or any other room where it wouldn’t look out of place. In case you were wondering when you should consider keeping your canoe indoors, here’s some help: You can keep your canoe inside when

  • You don’t want anything to make its home out of your canoe.
  • You want it to be always clean
  • You don’t mind getting a storage rack
  • You don’t want the elements wearing down your canoe.

Interestingly, an advantage to keeping your kayak in the garage is that you don’t really have to create some extra space in your garage to make room for your canoe. This is because you can just hang your canoe on the wall or from the ceiling. All you have to do is to purchase a wall bracket system, assemble it on the wall and you’re good to hang it on the wall or get an overhead pulley system to hang it from the ceiling. 


Furthermore, you can also go ahead and store your kayak on the ground in your garage. Just make sure that all sides of the canoe are well balanced and sitting conveniently on the ground. But know that the canoe must be stored upside down. 

Remember, if you must hang your canoe or kayak from the ceiling, you should do not it upright. Rather, hang it in such a way that its inside is faced downwards.

If you have enough space in your garage you can go for wooden racks. The wooden racks are specifically designed to support your kayak so you can never go wrong with one. In fact, you can choose to build a wooden rack for yourself if you don’t want to buy one from the stores.

Storing Your Kayak Indoors

Of course, it is possible to store your canoe outside if you don’t have enough space indoors. You just have to take some precautions to avoid theft. However, you should know that storing a canoe indoor may be way better and safer than storing it outdoors, but outdoor storage is not completely out of it.

How To Store A Kayak

So if your canoe must stay outdoors, here are some ways to keep them safe and at top conditions:

  • Cover it up with a tarp. This protects it from the elements. If yours is a kayak made from plastic, make sure that the kayak isn’t touching the tarp. 
  • Get yourself a storage rack and use it.
  • Cover the cockpit of your kayak. But if you don’t mind having some rodents and some other creatures carving a home out of your canoe or kayak, you are free to leave it open. It is best to place it upside down. 
  • Keep it out of plain view. Some people might be out to steal that precious kayak or canoe of yours. In fact, you wouldn’t be being overprotective of your property if you could find a way to lock it up to the spot where it is kept. 

How you Shouldn’t Store your Kayak

This article wouldn’t be complete if I don’t tell you that there are wrong ways to store your kayak. Some of these ways include the following.

Never Hang your Kayak from the Ceiling Upright

When you do this, gravity exerts pressure on the side of your kayak that is closer to the ground. Over time, this side of the kayak begins to widen and lose shape. This may affect the performance of your kayak on the water.

Don’t Leave your Kayak Out in the Sun

Leaving your kayak out in the sun would gradually and surely wear down the build material of your kayak. Thereby, greatly reducing the durability and the strength of your kayak. But if you must keep your kayak outside, you should spray it with a UV spray to protect it from the assault of the damaging ultraviolet rays.

How To Store A Kayak

Hanging from Handles

Trust me, the handles aren’t always strong enough to hold the kayak for a prolonged period of time. You could also end up damaging both the handle and the kayak altogether.


It is always a good practice to take care of your kayak whether you’re out exploring on water or back at home storing your it. Here’s a useful tip. Always clean up your kayak before storing it, especially if you just kayaked in saltwater.

I can assure you that a well-maintained kayak is one that serves you the best.