Sit Inside Kayak Versus Sit On Top Kayak

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Are wondering which Kayak is better? Sit Inside Kayak Vs Sit On Top. Kayaking is one of the most interesting waters sportspeople enjoy. Choosing the kayak that works for you depends on the use of that kayak, and the type of kayak desired. These kayaks come in two basic styles; sit on top kayaks and sit inside kayaks. Both types of kayaks come as singles and doubles, hard shells, and inflatables.

Since these kayaks come in different types, you can be sure that there are things that differentiate one from the other. Note the parts of these kayaks; the top is called the deck while the bottom is called the hull. The front of the kayak is the bow and the back is the stern. The two types of kayaks have seats, foot support, foot pedals, and footwells.

Before deciding on the kayak for you, it is important to look out for some kayak uses. Determine the location or use of the kayak. Take note of the water temperature. Decide on the stability and speed of your kayak. Now we will dive into the types of kayaks, the pros and cons, and the best one.

Sit Inside Kayaks

As the name implies, sitting inside kayaks has the paddler positioned below the surface of the water. It also comes with an enclosed cockpit. This type of kayak has a more popular design. Both experienced and intermediate players love the sit-inside kayaks. Sit inside kayaks also provide a significantly lower center of gravity and a higher degree of secondary stability. This means that your kayak can stand the test of rough seas while paddling, and it stays upright during turning.

Pros Of A Sit Inside Kayaks

The most interesting part of a sit-inside kayak is the lower center of gravity that brings the best degree of secondary stability. This degree of stability assists the paddler to lean the kayak on its side when turning. It also helps the kayak maintain an upright position when passing through rough seas.

With the lower center of gravity, the sit-inside kayaks move faster. Its design is very much narrow and it requires less effort to paddle. The sit-inside kayaks have enclosed cockpits so you can place your knees against the underside of the deck for more control.

Your feet are protected from the sun with this type of kayak. Paddlers can make use of shorter paddles thanks to the narrow beam.

Cons Of A Sit Inside Kayaks

This sit-inside kayak can be sunk if the hatch covers come off while in big seas. This hatch allows the bow and stern hold to acquire water that leads to sinking. The lower center gravity has a lower degree of initial stability. This means that the sit-inside kayak would not be stable at first when tested by the wind.

It comes with an open cockpit that makes paddlers feel confined in the kayak if they experience capsizing. The sit-inside kayaks also make it difficult for paddlers to get back on if it capsizes. Also, in the event of capsizing, the paddler has to use either a hand, foot, or battery-operated pump to remove water from the cockpit.

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Sit Inside Kayak Versus Sit On Top Kayak

Sit On Top Kayaks

This type of kayak keeps the paddlers positioned on top of the kayak above the water’s surface, unlike the sit-inside kayaks. It also lacks an enclosed cockpit in case you’re looking to purchase one. For paddlers who are new in the game or fishermen, this kayak is very popular among them. Sit on top kayaks do not make the paddler feel as though they are confined in the kayak. During events of capsizing, paddlers can easily reenter the kayak.

Pros Of A Sit On Top Kayak

This sit on top kayaks have higher center gravity and they are much wider than some sit inside kayaks. In cases of turning or capsizing, this type of kayak has a higher degree of initial stability. It has an open cockpit so paddlers do not have the feeling of being enclosed in the event of a capsize.

All sit on top kayaks are unsinkable thanks to their hulls which are completely enclosed. If paddlers find themselves in an accidental capsize, they can make use of the self-bailing scupper holes to drain water from the cockpit. Those who enjoy surfing can make use of the sit on top kayaks because they have to carry a bilge pump.

Cons Of A Sit On Top Kayak

Sit on top kayaks are much slower than sit-inside kayaks. So paddlers might need to put in extra effort to move the kayak forward. These kayaks are best for short trips and kayaks fishing.

The higher center of gravity gives a lower degree of secondary stability in times of turning. The open cock does not offer the ability to place your knee against the underside of the deck. This gives the paddler less control over the kayaks.

Cons Of A Sit On Top Kayak

Paddlers might have to use longer paddles unlike when in a sit-inside kayak. The open cockpit exposes the paddler to the sun and breaking waves.

Which Is The Better Kayak?

It is not easy to pick which kayak suits you because everyone has a preference. Beginners might prefer kayaks that are very stable and easy to paddle, so it could be either of the kayaks. Your plan for a kayak determines its use it.

However, when going offshore into the ocean, it is best to use sit-on-top kayaks. They are better for paddling, and they hardly get filled with water.

Conclusion On Sit Inside Kayak Versus Sit On Top Kayak

Now you have seen the difference between a sit-inside kayak and a sit-on-top kayak. Sit on top kayaks are good for beginners and fishermen looking for a high degree of initial stability. Take note of all that has been discussed before purchasing a kayak of your choice.

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