The Best Time of the Year to Buy a Kayak

Last Updated on June 30, 2022 by Ecorf

If you were an expert already you might already know what kind of Kayak you would love to get. However, beginners might need some help selecting a kayak that would be best suited to the preferences. If you happen to be a beginner, ensure that you do your research exhaustively so that you don’t end up buying a kayak that you wouldn’t like. 

But When?

There is something both amateur and professional kayakers would end up doing at one time or the other; buying a new kayak. But many do not know that there are good and bad times to go kayak shopping.

Best time to buy a kayak

You could go to the kayak store to buy your kayak whenever you want and get it at any offered price, or you could go to the store at the time when you are most likely to get the best price and go home smiling with some extra change in your pocket. The major difference is knowing the best time of the year to buy a kayak.

When to Buy You Kayak

When you have enough money

Needless to say, having enough money could change a lot of things. If you do, you could walk over to the nearest kayak store and pick any kayak of your liking. No problem. 

But you should be aware that kayaks are priced according to their durability and design.  If you find a kayak that is below $100, your first impulse might be to jump at it. You should resist this impulse because a kayak that is sold at that price is most likely not going to last for long. 

Best time to buy a kayak

For the best quality of kayaks, their prices range from $1000 to $3000. With these kayaks, you could ride the tempest again and again without worrying about destroying your kayak. 

However, if you have to do a little budget planning before you are able to get a kayak, you might want to consider the other following options.

Off-Season and On Season

There are pros and cons attached with buying a kayak in either season. The season that is being regarded as the in-season is when the weather is usually friendly, and a lot of people go out to kayak. This time often falls within April and September.

Best time to buy a kayak

Buying on the on-season or just before would guarantee you a wide variety of great quality kayaks. The only problem is that there might be a hike in kayak prices generally because there are more demands for them. Curse the law of demand and supply. 

On the other hand, kayaks are often cheap during its offseason. This is because not many people are demanding for the kayak, resulting in a general fall in kayak prices. Bless the law of demand and supply.

When You Find Great Deals

Nice deals don’t usually come often. But once they do, you have to take advantage of them.

Keep your eyes open for discounts on kayak prices offered by notable kayak stores. If online trading is what you prefer, most of the online stores always have one promo or the other ongoing. You could take advantage of these promos to get yourself a price discount.

To Wrap It All Up

Now that you know there are right and wrong times to buy yourself that kayak that you’ve always coveted, you could earn yourself the kayak at the lowest possible price. Isn’t it just great? However, you might need to be quite patient sometimes. Rushing into it may lead to mistakes you might end up regretting.