Top Depth Finders For Pontoon Boat

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Are you an avid fisherman or angler? You probably know by now that you cannot make much headway on your fishing trip if the necessary gears aren’t available. The top depth finder is one of those instruments to make a successful fishing trip. It is important because you might not be so lucky to see the location of your catch from the pontoon boat. But, with a top depth finder in the picture, you wouldn’t have a hard time locating your catch and in good time too!

What Is a Top Depth Finder?

The top depth finder, which is also called the fishfinder, is an instrument that is used to locate fish underwater. It is able to achieve that feat by detecting the reflected pulses of sound energy. Also, the top depth fishfinder can be mountable while others are portable. So, whether you are looking for one that is as advanced as a desktop computer or you need something that is less strictly functional, you can be sure that our review of the top depth finders for pontoon boat would provide all the details you need to know.

Top Depth Finders For Pontoon Boat

How Does the Top Depth Finders Work?

You want to know how the top depth finders for pontoon boat work. Why are many anglers jostling to have one?

Top depth finders work in the same way as the submarines when they are navigating the water. Ideally, the work of the top depth finders is to use sound waves to draw a map of everything beneath the surface of your pontoon boat – including fishes!

How To Choose the Top Depth Finders for Pontoon Boat

Buying a top depth fish finder isn’t a decision that should be made at the spur of the moment. You need to be calculative about the features you anticipate. At the same time, you have to be sure that you aren’t spending more on a fish finder that has a lower value. You don’t want to be stuck with something that turns out not working the way it should.

So, if you have made plans to purchase the top depth finders for pontoon boat, then we’ve got some features you need to consider before buying one.

  • Go for the Brand

It’s worth mentioning that many of the brands and companies that make car navigation systems also pull the same stunt with top depth finders. Looking for the brands helps you make an informed decision because they have been in the business for long, and have continually satisfied the needs of the customers.

Some of the established and bestselling brands for top depth finders for pontoon boats are NorCross, Lowrance, Raymarine, Garmin, and Humminbird.

You will discover that they have different shapes and sizes of the top depth finders. With more advanced and the older models in stock too, you can be sure of selecting the best top depth finders for your pontoon boat.

  • Frequency

What is the frequency of the top depth finders? Single, dual and multiple are some of the frequencies you can find out there. Out of those, low frequencies are perfect for deep fishing while the high-frequency variants are optimal for shallow water fishing. Therefore, make a decision on your fishing needs and select the top depth finder frequency that matches it.

  • Screen Resolution

Would there be any need for the top depth finder in the first place if you cannot see the pictures? That is why maximum attention must be placed on the screen resolution. Ideally, smaller screen sizes provide non-clear pictures, while bigger screen resolutions of about 640 by 640 pixels make the picture to be bigger.

  • Colour Screen

Except you still want to be stuck in the dark groping for clarity, you wouldn’t want to settle for the black and white top depth finders. Colored screens are the trend now, so key in!

Benefits of the Top Depth Finders for Pontoon Boat

Top depth finders have many benefits. The most notable advantages that come with them are the viewing of the structure of aquatic creatures (especially those beneath your pontoon boat), and to locate fish and other aquatic creatures underwater.

Top Depth Finders For Pontoon Boat

Frequently Asked Questions on Top Depth Finders for Pontoon Boat

You have some questions that need answers. Ideally, it may take you some time to understand how the top depth finders for pontoon boat works. That is why the process has been simplified by collating answers to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on top dept finders for pontoon boats.

  • How Does the Top Depth Finder Work? The pontoon boat, which is where the top depth finder is mounted, supports the instrument with up to two transducers. The transducers are mounted to the hull of the pontoon boat. Once they have been mounted, the next step is for the transducers to create sounds waves, which then sends signals back to the system mounted inside the boat. With that in place, immediately the transducers receive and send back the distinct sound waves every second, you can then be able to survey the surfaces under the water to locate fish.
  • What Is the Best Top Depth Finders out There? You have many options to choose from. To avoid getting confused in the process, look through the list below to select the best top depth finders for pontoon boat.
  • How Do I Install the Transducer on My Pontoon Boat? The best place to install the transducer is on the right (starboard) side of the pontoon boat.

The 5 Best Top Depth Finders for Pontoon Boat

Selecting the best top depth finders for pontoon boat depends on many factors, such as the ones listed above. Moreover, your personal preference comes in to play a vital role in the selection process. Those notwithstanding, below are some of the popular and most used top depth finders for pontoon boat.

This top depth finder for pontoon boat comes with GPS, which is an excellent way to bolster the navigation. The built-in dual Spectrum CHIRP Sonar also provides two modes for location fish. They are the Narrow Mode for maximum detail and the Wide Mode for maximum coverage of the area you are surveying.


  • Unprecedented underwater clarity
  • Built-in Bluetooth connectivity
  • Premium mapping options
  • Built-in GPS for track and chart plotting


  • The down scan and side scan are much more clear and easy to see

Top Depth Finders For Pontoon Boat

With built-in Wi-Fi for smart notifications and the built-in Quickdraw Contours mapping software for creating and storing maps, the Garmin Transducer Fishfinder is the perfect top depth finder you need for your next fishing trip on a pontoon boat.


  • Sunlight-readable 7-inch intuitive interface
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for receiving smart notifications
  • Built-in GPS for marking waypoints and creating routes for your pontoon boat’s speed


  • Some users opined that the transducer might not be deep enough below the hull
  • Seems not to come with a user manual

Top Depth Finders For Pontoon Boat

With easy setup and ease of use, here is the top depth finder you need to navigate successfully on your next fishing trip. You would like the extensive Sonar views as highlighted by the SplitShot Transducer.


  • Wider Sonar coverage
  • Detailed lake maps
  • Automated Sonar settings
  • Micro SD slot
  • Built-in Mapping


  • Smaller screen size

Top Depth Finders For Pontoon Boat

The LUCKY Portable Handheld Fishfinder is ideal for anglers that need something handy. With the portability of the device, you can always have it in your palms or keep it in a place where you can easily pick it up in the course of your fishing trip.

On the other hand, it comes with most of the best packages, such as 2.4inch TFT color LCD screen for more clear to display and the longevity of the distance it covers. It is also rechargeable and can be used in many cases, such as sea fishing, river fishing, and ice fishing.


  • Underwater color display
  • Multiple measurement units, such as M/°C, M/°F, FT/°C, and FT/°F
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Fish alarm alerts you when a fish is detected


  • Needs to be in the shade before it can be read
  • Some users reported that the cable to get the temperature splits open after a while

Top Depth Finders For Pontoon Boat

This top depth finder for pontoon boat is not only portable but also easy to read, even under the sun. More so, it offers clear scanning, built-in GPS for creating new waypoints, and a rugged design that works well with many fishing environments.


  • Built-in GPS for marking and navigating to waypoints
  • 4.3-inch display with a bright, sunlight-readable intuitive interface
  • Quickdraw Contours map drawing software for creating and storing maps


  • Doesn’t have a longer power cable
  • Some users complained that the transducer seemed a little large to fit on the trolling motor

Top Depth Finders For Pontoon Boat

Final Words on the Best Top Depth Finders for Pontoon Boat

With the top depth finders mounted on your pontoon boat, you wouldn’t have a hard time finding out and locating fishes underwater. The built-in GPS and other mapping options also empower you to navigate without hassles. That is why we recommend the LUCKY Portable Handheld Fishfinder. It has many of the tools you need for successful fishing. From the fish alarm that alerts you when a fish is in sight to the underwater color display and the sensitivity adjustment, you have the assurances of having a swell time in your next fishing trip.

We’ve come to the end of the review of the best top depth finders for pontoon boat. Is there anything we missed out in the guide? Do let us know using the comment section. Your friends and family who are anglers can’t thank you enough if you are gracious enough to share this article with them.