Types of Fishing Reels for Kayaking

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It is fun to be out in the water floating in your boat but it is more thrilling when you combine it with some other leisure activity like fishing. Kayaks are now fishers’ favorite and the reasons are obvious. The boats are lightweight and with the inflatable nature of some of these, it makes the task of carrying the boat about easy. Besides, fishing is another use case that comes with the boat, which makes it flexible for paddlers to land fish while paddling.

Before you slip your kayak into the water and paddle away from the shore to catch some fish, you may need to consider the types of fishing reels for kayaking. The fishing industry is changing and there are now many types of fishing reels out there in the market. Angles are improvised to improve the efficiency of the fishing activity. So, join us as we look at the best fishing reels you can get for your next kayaking trip.

Spinning Reels

This type of fishing reel is the favorite of many kayakers, and certain features affirm that assertion. For instance, you can take it with you without necessarily needing to learn the ropes. Hence, it is easy to use for both professional and amateur kayakers that intend going fishing with their boats.


This type of fishing reels is also called “Open Face Reel”. Aside from that, below are other features of spinning fishing reels:

  • Versatility

Have you always wanted an angler that is compact or large depending on your fishing needs? Spinning reels are the best out there in the market because they come in different sizes. This makes them versatile for many use cases.

  • Retrieval Speeds

You also enjoy the immediate/speedy retrieval after lading a fish. Although the reels are not designed to handle heavy fish and may twist with occasional backlashes, you are sure that the better cranking power could come in to save the day.

Spincasting Reels

Spincasting fishing reels are often considered the beginners’ anglers because of the easy operation. All you need do is press and hold the button. You would then have to rear back to cast and move forward to let go of the button.

The reels are also versatile and easy to skip cast from a kayak. Spincasting reels are called “Closed Face Reel” because of the design, ease of operation, and the impressive adaptation for amateur, intermediate, and professional anglers.


Baitcasting Reels

We are getting to the advanced stage of fishing reels. The baitcasting reels are recommended for fishing from a kayak because of the stronger hold it has on the bait and the generality of the spin capability.

These reels are reputed for their ability to handle longer casts and heavier lines. Also, they empower fishermen to cast lures like spinnerbaits, jigs, and crankbaits.

Here are other unique features that are exclusive to the baitcasting fishing reels:

  • Great Option for Heavy Lures

Are you wondering about losing your landed fish after landing it into the bait? That shouldn’t give you cause for concern anymore, especially when using the baitcasting reels. They are great options for heavy lures and lines, which make them the best pick when seeking to land larger fishes.

  • Multiple Rod Options

The task of getting your bait just got better with the many rod options on baitcasting reels. This makes it easy to apply a heavy-duty rod that would be used to winch the big fish out of the thickest cover.

Fly Reels

Types of Fishing Reels for Kayaking

This is a more advanced type of fishing reels for kayaking. Fly reels are specifically designed for anglers and kayakers that intend to embark on fly-fishing. While the design and method of use are different from the other models, this type of fishing reels is also efficient for different purposes.

For instance, the reels are designed to hold the line offer drag when the fish runs. That way, you can be certain that your fishing experience won’t be ruined and that the bait would go home with you.

How to Choose the Types of Fishing Reels for Kayaking

With the idea of the type of fishing reel you should take long for your next fishing adventure, you may want to discover the features to look for when buying one. Read our guidelines on choosing the type of fishing reels to make an informed decision.

  • Balance the Reel and Rod

Fishing reels and rods have weight classes. This helps you to determine the maximum weight it can contain. For instance, you may consider a reel that would match a rod of 4-8lb line. This means that the rod is capable of holding a fish that weighs 8lb, which is about 4 kilograms.

Hence, it is important to find out the individual weight capacities of the reels and rods and using the same to find the best equipment that matches the weight classes.

  • The Material of the Reel

You should also consider the material used in making the reel. As a rule of thumb, anglers are expected to choose a corrosion-resistant reel. This helps to prevent the equipment from rust even after getting soaking wet for long.

Furthermore, you may want to go for a fishing reel that is made of carbon and magnesium. These materials are designed to make/ the reel lightweight. They also enhance your fishing by reducing fatigue after a long day of fishing.

  • Identify the Fishing Needs

The success of your fishing doesn’t only rely on the efficiency of the equipment. It has more to do with the kind of fish you want to catch. Therefore, determine the type of fish and the location (river, ocean, or lake) before choosing a fishing reel.

  • Drag

It is important to determine the dragging throughput of the reel. Larger fishing reels are reputed to catch stronger and larger fisher than the smaller variant.

Get the Best Types of Fishing Reels for Kayaking

You now have it all laid out. The ball is now in your court to decide on your fishing needs and choosing the best reel that fits into the description.

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