What Size Trolling Motor For 24 Pontoon Boat

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Your pontoon boat needs to be in top shape at all times. That is why you should get all the necessary tools for a hitch-free fishing experience. As you may have known, the pontoon boat offers better flexibility, as it makes it easier for your boat to get on the fish and stay with it. More so, it’s an excellent avenue to catch as many fishes as possible. Hence, it’s essential that you select a trolling motor based on the features and the capabilities it has to offer to your pontoon boat.

Deciding on the Right Sized Trolling Motor for Your Pontoon Boat

It’s usually a crossroads for anglers to determine the trolling motor to get for their pontoon boat. Considering that many of these motors are available in the market, you may be confused at some point on the best for your vessel. Worthy of note is that selecting the right sized trolling motor for your pontoon boat can be more accessible or tasking depending on how you go about it. Therefore, you need the guide below to arrive at an informed decision on the right size of a trolling motor for a 24-foot pontoon boat.

  • Thrusts

Worthy of note is that the trolling motors’ functionalities are measured in thrusts. It implies that the higher the power it has, the higher the output it gives. The general rule guiding this is that the average thrust of a trolling motor is between 72 to 75lb. That, in turn, equals 764W of electrical power or one horsepower. Therefore, if you’re aiming for more thrusts, then it’s only right that you select a trolling motor that has more horsepower.

What Size Trolling Motor For 24 Pontoon Boat

On the other hand, the calculations of the thrusts need to be done with an eye for details. It’s worth noting that the trolling motors come in different versions, such as 12V, 12/24V, 24V, and 36V. In the same regard, the maximum thrusts offered for each of the voltage is pegged at about 12V/55lb or 24V/80lb. You might also be lucky to get the few that offer up to 100lb.

  • Power Consumption

Because your trolling motor would be running throughout the time you fish, then you also need to look at the energy consumption. Nobody would want to be stranded. That is why you want to be sure of the power consumption of the trolling motor before purchasing one. The battery capacity of the trolling motor correlates to the energy demands. In that instance, the confirmation of the status of the battery helps you in determining if the battery needs to be charged underway.

That said, the amp of the trolling motor helps in determining the power consumption. On the one hand, a trolling motor with a 224V model with 54lb of thrust tends to draw about 28A. Another with 44lb and a 12V model tends to bring about 36A, while another with a larger motor tends to require more battery capacity. Therefore, if the selection of the right trolling motor based on the power consumption is made the right way, then anglers would have ample time to spend more time on the water while fishing at the same time.

  • Size of the Trolling Motor

If, on the other hand, you feel the trolling motor might not be a perfect match for your 24-foot pontoon boat, then it’s essential that you look at it from another angle – the size of the trolling motor.

In this instance, the general rule is that larger pontoon boats do not necessarily need more sizes. Instead, the consideration should be based on the wave action, as well as the movements of the elements, such as the wind and the current. Besides, stronger pontoon motors have been found the ideal for running at lower speeds, while providing the needed safety and stability against the current and any other elements. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to look for a trolling motor that has about 5lb of thrusts for every 200lb of the boat’s gross weight.

  • Brand

The manufacturer of the trolling motor also has some roles to play in the selection of the right-sized trolling motor for a 24-foot pontoon boat. Here, the consideration is on the brand or manufacturer that provides better functionalities over the other.

As a general rule, the field of play in the selection of a brand is left open to Minn Kota and MotorGuide. So, you need to confirm if their trolling motors measure up to the standard you desire.

  • Shaft Length

It’s exciting to note that the length of the trolling motor’s shaft has some things to bring into play as far as the selection of a trolling motor for a 24-foot pontoon boat is concerned. By industry standards, the perfect length of the shaft should not be more than 42 inches.

Haven considered that you also have to look at the steps in the actual measurement of the shaft. One of the ideal ways to discover that is by measuring the distance from the point the shaft was mounted to the end where it is tied at the deck. Also, there may be some needs to add additional lengths to the shaft’s diameter.

  • Autopilot Capabilities

Following the advancements in the kayak fishing industry, there has been the development and delegation of route storage and autopilot capabilities. These are monitored through Bluetooth connectivity. That ensures the features mentioned above can be tracked from a remote-controlled device as a way of bolstering the guidance of the features through the most productive routes.

What Size Trolling Motor For 24 Pontoon Boat

Select the Right Sized Trolling Motor for 24 Pontoon Boat

Many factors come into play when selecting a trolling motor for a pontoon boat. It takes mastery of the entire method for you to make an informed decision. Moreover, you might want to consider a 24-volt trolling motor with about 80 pounds of thrust, which should be sufficient for the 24-foot pontoon boat.

Now that you’ve seen some of the factors that influence the selection of the perfect trolling motor for a 24-foot pontoon boat, you may now want to try them.