When Is the Best Time to Buy A Kayak

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It is no news that kayaking is a fun-filled experience that many paddlers look forward to engaging in anytime they are free. Likewise, the activity also helps you to burn off extra kilos of flesh, especially when you flex certain parts of the body when mowing your vessel. You shouldn’t get carried away by the abundance of the activity that you wouldn’t remember to pay attention to essential details.

You don’t just buy a kayak anytime you get the cash. It’s essential also to figure out the best time to buy a kayak. That is the secret some paddlers are yet to understand. So, read further to discover the answer to the question, “when is the best time to buy a kayak?”

Does Time Dictate When to Buy A Kayak?

There’s time for everything, and the same extends to the purchase of a kayak. It would interest you to know that the price tag of the vessel tends to change depending on the time or season when you buy the vessel. While looking at the time, you should also factor in other details, such as the price you have to pay, and the type of kayak you intend buying.

Without much ado, let’s now look at the perfect time when any kayaking lover should begin looking to buy the vessel.

  • Buy A Kayak in the Peak Season

Paddlers have the option of buying a kayak either during the peak season or the offseason. In this instance, we would look at the peak season before switching over to the latter.

During the peak season, the retail stores for kayaks tend to be stocked up ahead of the many kayaking trips that are underway at such times. As is prevalent within the period, kayakers would be looking for new rides to enjoy the season to the fullest. The peak season has both the good sides and the downsides. So, you have to analyze both to arrive at an informed decision.

For instance, in terms of the upsides, the peak season starts from June and continues up till the early weeks of September. During this time, the stores would have varieties of kayak designs for you to choose from. The season gives you the freedom of selection from the abundance of vessels.

On the contrary, buying a kayak during the peak season has some demerits. The significant downside is the hike in the prices of the kayaks. That is tenable because the stores have many orders to process, and the increased demand is a clue that kayakers are willing to break the bank to purchase one of the latest models in stock. Therefore, if you’re working on a budget, you may want to extend your quest for a new kayak to the offseason period when you can always get one that aligns with your budget.

  • Offseason is the Best Time to Buy A Kayak

On the other hand, many kayakers would rather endure the intricacies of the peak season (after all, it lasts for only a few months). With that in mind, they expect to pay a visit to the store when they’re sure the orders have minimized and can get a kayak within the price range they have in mind.

The possibility of that is affirmed by the fact that the demands for kayaks would be on the low while the supply would be on the increase. In such a situation, the vendors would be compelled to sell off the remaining kayaks in their shop at fantastic prices. The aim of doing that is to raise capital to purchase more kayaks when the peak season starts.

On the flip side, you may not enjoy buying a kayak in the offseason because of some reasons. First, the vendors must have sold off many (if not all) of their new kayaks models and designs. So, buyers at this time would make do with the few designs they can lay their hands on. Second, buying a kayak during the offseason may not be a good idea because the shops would be transitioning to the newer models ahead of the peak season. So, if by any chance you have an older stock in mind, the chances are high that the shop may not order for it, at least, for that period.

  • Holiday Deals

Shops would always give freebies at some intervals. That is essential to keep customers glued to them. So, you may want to defer your purchase of a kayak until one of such freebies, such as holiday deals come along.

Some of these deals come at specific celebrations and festivities, such as during Memorial Days that come up in the last Monday of May, and during Christmas celebrations.

When Is the Best Time to Buy A Kayak

  • Look at the Months

As you may have known (we highlighted it earlier also), specific months are the perfect time to buy a kayak. Aside from the peak season starting from June to September, you may also look at other potential months like April and August. Additional months to look out for are the winter holidays during December and after the holidays in January.

  • Important Events

There’s no denying that the New Year and the Christmas celebrations are ideal moments when buying a kayak could be feasible. The reason is that shops would be willing to dispose of their old wares so they could stock up. So, giving away the kayaks at a lesser price wouldn’t be a bad idea to attract buyers.

You can always cash in on the opportunity and start looking for your preferred model of kayak.

  • Seek Alternatives

If for some reason, you were not able to get a suitable kayak at any of the times as mentioned above, then you may consider using alternative approaches to do so. In this instance, you would have to look for barely used kayaks.

Platforms like Craiglist and local Facebook group are some of the places you can begin your search. Hopefully, there would always be some persons that are willing to sell their barely used kayaks at a discount.

When Is the Best Time to Buy A Kayak

Find the Best Time to Buy A Kayak

Above all, the decision to buy a kayak largely depends on your budget and the time you intend to embark on a kayaking trip. With sufficient funds, you can always buy a good kayak that would serve you for long, during the peak and off-seasons.

Once you’ve decided on those, then you can take the bold step to choose the best time to buy a kayak, as highlighted above. Happy kayaking!