Where Are 13 Fishing Reels Made

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Has it occurred to you than fishing has taken a different dimension in the last couple of years? We have now moved from the archival model of casting nets into the water with the hope of catching some fish. Now, you don’t need to literally dive into the water or cast your net as such to land some fish. Instead, you can make use of fishing reels to catch your bait. Indeed, the sophistication of the fishing equipment implies that the anglers can now have a swell time when going about their business. More so, you need to be sure that you’re using the right equipment.

The 13 Fishing Reels

If you’ve been looking for a way to have hassle-free fishing, then you need to get your hands on fishing reels. When you’re looking for the best fishing reels too, the focus should be on the 13 fishing reels, which have been their efficacy in bolstering the fishing process.

Aside from the flexibility of those reels and the durability, one other thing anglers are yet to fathom is where are 13 fishing reels made? It is good to be curious, especially for a product like the 13 fishing reels that have shored up the anglers’ chances at landing some fishes. So, sit tight as we take you through some of the things you need to know about these excellent fishing reels.

The Founder of 13 Fishing Reels

Who is the figure behind this brand that has snowballed into one of the most sought after producers of fishing appliances, such as reels and rods? It might interest you to know that the founder of the 13 fishing reels is Jim Coble. The fantastic story and success of this 13 fishing reels brand don’t stop at his being the founder and president. Instead, Jim has, over the years, made strategic partnerships on behalf of the brand, which led to the influx of more investors.

Worthy of note is that 13 fishing reels weren’t the primary designation of the company when Jim Coble founded it. In the year 2011, which was when the history of 13 fishing reels began, the founder, Jim Coble, kicked off the brand by focusing on the ice fishing market. Two reasons triggered the focus on this niche. The first is that the ice angler or fishers haven’t been getting all the benefits in the fishing sector because they don’t get all the needed attention. Therefore, any tool that can be developed to boost their operations would be appreciated. The second reason revolves around Jim Coble’s experience as a professional angler. As someone that has been through the nooks and crannies of the (ice) fishing industry, he understood that the market needs more angling tools to achieve the full potentials. It is in the light of those two factors that Jim Coble, founder of the 13 fishing reels slowly made headway into the global fishing industry where it now manufactures fishing rods, reels, and baits.

This Is Where 13 Fishing Reels Are Made

As mentioned earlier, the primary interest of the 13 fishing reels was to cater to the needs of ice anglers. At the time of the launch in 2011, the founder, Jim Coble, had used the tagline “Make Your Own Luck” to highlight the benefits that await anglers utilizing the brand’s range of products.

Where Are 13 Fishing Reels Made

The location of the 13 fishing reels is in Clearwater; an area that the founder described as “providing a pretty amazing lifestyle.” The official headquarters of 13 fishing reels in Clearwater was opened in the year 2016. With the actual address being 1310 N. Hercules Ave., Clearwater,  has successfully moved all its fishing reels, rods, baits, and other apparels into the headquarters. From this location, the company has been able to offer product design and distribution to many fishing retail and wholesale outlets in Clearwater and other regions.

Some Facts About 13 Fishing Reels

Now that you’ve known where are 13 fishing made, you may want to know other things about the company. Highlighted below are other facts about 13 fishing reels that are aren’t in much publicity.

  • Over 30 Employees

Although it is barely three years since it moved into the headquarters, the 13 fishing reels has successfully hired many hands to facilitate the design, production, and distribution of its fishing apparatuses.

Currently, the company has over 30 employees that work in different segments of the company. While some are working in the product design and development niche, others are delegated to work in accounting, warehouse, and customer service departments.

  • Varieties of Product Design

Here is undoubted one of the facts you earnestly need to know. With the branding as 13 fishing reels, you might be thinking that the company is only into the production of fishing reels. That is not the case! Instead, 13 fishing reels also extends the product design to many other niches, such as fishing gears, reels, rods, baits, and combos. So, no matter your fishing needs, you can be confident that the robust, flexible, and durable fishing tools would be there to fit into the picture.

Where Are 13 Fishing Reels Made

  • The Florida Angle

Like many companies that are working hard for advancements, the 13 fishing reels don’t recline on the little successes it made over the years. Instead, it continually seeks more opportunities.

Now, it has channeled some of its product design to Florida and for good reasons too. As Jose Chavez, the marketing manager pointed out, Florida has one of the biggest markets for offshore fishing, freshwater fishing, and inshore fishing. With the massive markets in this location, the 13 fishing reels team deemed it right to develop some of the fishing equipment there. The idea is that once the products are designed, they would be tested right there to be sure they align with the needs of the anglers. If not, adjustments would be made until the products fit into the market.

13 Fishing Reels Are Made in Clearwater

The many roles played by 13 fishing reels in the fishing industry cannot be underestimated. The production of quality fishing reels, rods, and baits has helped hundreds of anglers to have successful fishing expeditions. Also, the company continually explores other opportunities and has sponsored many bass anglers, ice guides, saltwater captains, and high school and college bass fishing programs. All those sponsorships are geared towards empowering the beneficiaries to become passionate and pursue careers in the sport.

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