Where is The Best Place to Kayak in The Bay Area? Top Spots for Sea Kayakers

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The beautiful Bay Area

Many things actually make a Bay Area attractive. One of them is that the place is not only blessed with great weather conditions but the beautiful scenery alone, is enough to get one to want to stay forever. A mere glance at how the sun sets over the gold coast of the Bay Area beaches is sure to have you entranced.

Kayaking in the Bay Area

Of the many ways to enjoy the lovely Bay Area atmosphere, kayaking on its calm waters is the most exhilarating. However, if you do not know the best spot to kayak, you might end up having a “boring” experience. That is why I have compiled for you a list of the best places to kayak in the Bay Area.

Best places to launch your kayak in the Bay Area

1. Santa Cruz Wharf

Long before you start your exhilarating kayaking experience, you already would have had a wonderful day by watching the numerous seals that reside on the docks here. As soon as you leave the docks on your sea kayak, the beautiful coastal view will leave you gaping all day long.

And even if the mountains and cliffs on the shores are also a sight to behold, you don’t even have to own a kayak before going on the sea here, as you can rent one from the many kayak options offered by Venture Quest on the docks. From this part of the ocean, you can be lucky enough to sight the grey whale. 

And lastly, at Santa Cruz Wharf, you’d be exposed to sights of the fascinating cliffs and mountains when you launch your kayaking expedition.

2. Sausalito

Of the many launching sites in this area, Sausalito is regarded as the best by many kayakers. This is because you would not only enjoy the kayaking experience here, but would also get to see popular landmarks in the area, such as Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz Island and Angel island among many others. From here, you can also kayak under the famous red arches of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Where is the best place to kayak in bay area? Top spots for sea kayakers

Also at Sausalito, given that lots of tourists do visit often, there is always an endless chain of lively activities going on, both on the shores and in every other part of the area. As a bonus, you can find a number of stalls where you can get yourself some nice souvenirs.

Where is the best place to kayak in bay area? Top spots for sea kayakers

3. Tomales Bay

If you are looking to just enjoy your kayaking experience without disturbance, Tomales Bay is where you need to be. This place is kept away from the ocean surf by the Point Reves National Seashore, and that is why the Bay isn’t usually as crowded as other places in the Bay Area. 

Thus, launching your kayaking from here would not only offer you one of the most peaceful kayaking experiences any Bay Area can ever get to offer, it would also expose you to sights of beautiful wildlife, such as pelicans, starfish, elk and many more.

However, it is important to know that the waves here can be quite challenging to navigate sometimes, so being cautious is very much advised. Still, be rest assured that any kayaking experience from here is always worth the try. In fact, one can even sight aquatic animals glowing beneath the ocean at nights from this shore.


A visit to the Bay Area is absolutely incomplete without kayaking on its waters. And if you get to kayak on any of the above mentioned spots, you are guaranteed nothing but the best experience.

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