Where To Kayak In New Mexico

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Kayaking is an experience that leaves the paddlers salivating for more. What could be more thrilling than enjoying a relaxed ride amid nature on a hot day? Perhaps many kayakers prefer taking the recreational approach because of the abundance of sceneries they get to view, especially when they sojourn to beautiful locations like New Mexico.

Kayaking in New Mexico

Talking about New Mexico, the city has grown over the years to become the rallying point for paddlers that are looking for fun. With the abundance of kayaking locations and the stunning natural sceneries that greet you on the way, you’re confident of having a swell time on the water. So, if you’re looking for where to kayak in New Mexico, you can be sure that the hand-picked locations on the list below would be the perfect way to start your new-found paddling experience.

  • Cochiti Lake, Pena Blanca

There’s no denying that fun is the watchword for paddlers that are ready to set sail. Most times, the thoughts of the fun fill them with an exuberance that they would wish to be on the water in the next second. Many factors are to be put into consideration when looking for where to kayak in New Mexico. That informs the reason why the Cochiti Lake readily comes to mind because it ticks most of the boxes.

First, the lake is considered a “no-wake lake,” which means that you would have a hitch-free paddle. That is tenable because the absence of boats tearing around the lake making waves ensures that you paddle without hassles. On the other hand, the array of natural outlooks adds more to the beauty of the lake. It might interest you to know that the lake features incredible wildlife viewing opportunities, which make it a beautiful place to kayak and enjoy the blessings of Mother Nature.


Undoubtedly, you’re also considering a place where you can have some time to yourself before completing the journey. Well, the Cochiti Lake still ticks the boxes in that regard. It is cited within the locations of two public areas, which are the Tetilla and the Cochiti Peak Recreation areas. That way, you’re sure that you can always stop by for a drink or meal in the course of your vacations.

  • Heron Lake State Park

Paddling on a kayak is an excellent experience you would relieve for long. However, when there is some fishing to be done alongside the paddling, then you’re in for a whole different kayaking experience. So, if you love to engage in kayak fishing, then we have an excellent location, you can check out in New Mexico.

The Heron Lake State Park is one such place. Standing at over 7,000 feet, the high-elevation lake has some touches of nature, including the picturesque cliffs and the ponderosa pines. The nine square mile surface area also comes in handy to accommodate as many recreation lovers that chose to go a-paddling on the lake.


In terms of the fishing that accentuates the smooth kayaking experience, the lake features many fantastic fishing options, such as lake trout, kokanee salmon, and rainbow trouts. That is not leaving out the varieties of kayaking experience that include the 5.5-mile hiking trail that crosses the Rio Chama River by a suspension bridge, which would land you at the El Vado Lake.

  • Rio Grande River, Albuquerque

Whether you’re a pro, a near-professional, or even a newbie that is still learning the ropes in kayaking, the Rio Grande River in Albuquerque, New Mexico provides you with the perfect place to start. That is made possible through the stretch of the river, which offers the tranquility needed for smooth paddling.

It might interest you to know that the Rio Grande River offers you the opportunity to see wildlife in Albuquerque. Kayakers also have many places to go on sight-seeing and lunch in the course of their paddles.


However, you may need to exercise caution when considering the river as a place to kayak in New Mexico. Ideally, Rio Grande River is perfect for paddling in the spring runoff season, because that is when the river gets a little deeper than in the summertime. Nevertheless, you would enjoy the experience of floating on calm water with no technical rapids.

  • Elephant Butte Lake State Park

The first scenery that would strike and arrest your attention on the Elephant Butte Lake State Park is the geological formation. It’s interesting to note that it takes the semblance of an elephant, which, in extension, signifies the overwhelming sturdiness of the lake.


Aside from that, the lake is the perfect place to sojourn for paddlers that are looking for some excellent time out with nature. Besides, beginners would in a matter of a few weeks of constant paddling, become professionals. The 40-miles length of the lake alongside the 200 miles of shoreline are the yardstick to help you move from amateur to expert paddling in a short time.

  • Fenton Lake State Park

Have you been fantasizing about where to kayak in New Mexico that would offer many opportunities? Well, the offer is at your doorstep right now! Fenton Lake State Park means many things to various paddlers. To some, it has a warm climate that makes pleasurable kayaking all-year-round. For some other paddlers, the lake provides them with many different options, such as fishing.


Interestingly, the lake is easily accessible, especially in spring and summer, when many people would be taking some vacations. That’s not leaving out the array of natural phenomena that are characterized by the ponderosa pines and the pristine outlook to the lake. Above all, you’re welcome to give it a shot whether you’re a beginner or an expert paddler – the mellow vibes of the Fenton Lake State Park empower you to learn the ropes with ease.

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Paddling a kayak brings back the nostalgia of having some time out on the water. So, you must make out time to engage in this pleasurable activity. If you’re not sure where to set your next sail, you can be confident that the itemized locations where to kayak in New Mexico would help you in making an informed decision.