Best Places to Kayak in Southeast

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Really, almost anywhere you are in the United States is a place to have a lot of fun. But there really aren’t many other regions that offer remarkable places to kayak as the Southeastern region does. Autumn is the best season to kayak in this region, and scenes and sights of the beautiful green and gold flora would definitely have you gaping.

As it is for many people, we get easily confused when we are offered many options to choose from, especially when each of those options is more than excellent. Because I don’t want to have you confused at all about it, I have compiled for you my list of the best places to kayak in the Southeast. These places were specifically chosen after a lot of researches and reviews so you can rest assured that you would love these places.

Best Places to Kayak

French Broad River, North Carolina

The 140-mile long river offers more than enough to make your kayaking as fun as can be. The river flows through thick and beautifully colored forests and has many campsites and launch spots as you go on.

You could start kayaking from Best Creek River pack at the Biltmore section of the river. From here, you would not only get see awe-inspiring flora, but you would also have a very clear view of the famous Biltmore Estate. 

Meanwhile, there are countless places to take out along the river and get yourself refreshed. The only downside to kayaking here is that the current could be really slow sometimes.


Congaree National Park, South Carolina

The beautiful thing about Congaree National Park is that the flora isn’t the only one that would be watching you kayak, the fauna found in the area would also be part of your audience.

Starting from Cedar Creek Canoe Trail, you would get to see really old trees like oaks and bald Cyprus trees. This trail flows for about 20 long miles. It first starts out as a narrow stream before expanding as it cuts through the beautiful trees in the forest. You could even get to see some snakes and turtles on this canoe trail. 

There are also other spots of interest on the river where you could enjoy yourself. From Dawson Lake, you could sight animals like the bald eagles, alligators, river otters, and wading birds.


Lookout Creek, Tennessee

The creek is not just great for kayaking but it is also of remarkable historical significance. During the Civil War, soldiers of the Yankees and the Confederates exchanged stuff from either side of the creek. But enough of history, let’s speak kayak.

When you start out at Reflection Riding Arboretum & Nature Center, you could either very easily paddle upstream or downstream. 

Paddling against the mild currents would make a great workout session for you but that’s not all. You would get to see wild turkeys and river otters along the banks or the river. You could also go as far as exploring a side creek.

Paddling downstream would also guarantee you some nice time as you would also get to see beautiful birds like kingfishers and blue herons.

Best places to Kayak in Southeast

Chattahoochee River, Georgia

This river offers a nice spot to escape from the hustling and bustling of the city as the current here is quite calm and peaceful. The weather around here is also always cool and relaxing.

Chattahoochee River Park on Azalea Drive offers itself as one of the best to set out. From here, you would get to see the beautiful flora around the river and get to explore hidden coves around the shores of the river.

Also, Morgan Falls Overlook Park is a nice place to spend your time as there are alcoves and island explorations to add to the adventure.

Best places to Kayak in Southeast

Sipsey River, Alabama

There are plenty spots to have some great fun around this beautiful river alone. Standing guard around you on either side of the river are huge bluffs and waterfalls.

The river current is quite mild, making for a nice relaxing time while kayaking on the river. Also, the countless exciting scenery that plays out around the river makes it a popular kayaking spot for beginner kayakers and professionals alike.

Finally, fishing is not out of the question when you are kayaking.


Hocking River, Ohio

Many kayakers love to kayak here because of the river’s calm and peaceful atmosphere. Countless launching spots and campsites dot the shores of the river, making your experience as exciting as possible. 

Hocking Hills Canoe Liverie is a nice place to start out. You could also rent yourself some kayak gears at cheap costs over here. Go ahead and thrill yourself with nice catches.


Mohican River

The slow-moving Mohican River is great for nothing but relaxation. Nature is at its most beautiful everywhere around the shore of this river, making the river a very nice place to spend a lot of time at length. You could even cast out your fishing tools to catch some fishes. 

Of the many launching spots around the river, Mohican Adventures is one of the most popular because it is stationed at a strategic place where kayaking can be best enjoyed and they rent out kayaking equipment.


To Wrap it All Up 

To be honest, this list would be endless if I put in all the places I have in mind, but I have carefully selected those that I feel are the best among the best. Most of these places have places where you could rent yourself a kayak of you didn’t have one, and there are also nice places to chill out before or after you’re done kayaking. 

The question now isn’t if these places are actually as fun as to make them seem (because they are, duh!). Rather, the question is if you are ready to make new beautiful memories that would last forever in your mind.

Should you have some questions or inquiries to make, please feel free to write them in the comment section below and I would be quick to attend to them.