Best Places to Kayak in Utah

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The weather here in Utah here is always great, especially in Spring. Already, Utah is popular for the many outdoor activities that its weather allows, but kayaking is still one of the most exciting of these outdoor activities. Furthermore, there are a lot of water bodies where you could just set out to a fulfilling time in your kayak. 

However, because of the many water bodies in Utah, deciding where to kayak among all these options could give you a little headache. But don’t worry, I have compiled for you my list of the best places to kayak in Utah. These places were carefully selected after a lot of reviews and researches so you’re guaranteed to have a very nice time at any of these places.

Best Places to Kayak

Mirror Lake

The breathtaking scenery that surrounds Mirror Lake makes it a popular tourist attraction center in Utah. Nature puts on its best show over here with the mountains standing tall around the lake and the beautiful fish species that swim in the lake. The fish species in the lake include trout, tigerfish and rainbow fish. 

The mirror lake couldn’t have been named any better as it beautifully reflects the mountains around it. The lake also has campgrounds and picnic facilities to help make the best out of your kayaking experience. Also, there are places to rent yourself a kayak and some other gears on the shores of the lake, so you don’t have to own a kayak to enjoy kayaking. 

The Green River

This place is still one of the best places to kayak in Utah. The 730 miles long river gives you enough opportunity to have your fill of kayaking to last for a long time. The beautiful scenes that play out around the river get even better the farther you go. 

The river starts at the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming and continues down through Wyoming and Utah. However, you should know that you would need a GPS and a mad to help guide you on this river. You don’t want to end up farther away downstream than you intend. 

Generally, those new to kayaking are not advised to spend so much time kayaking here as the water currents sometimes require the skill of an expert kayaker. However, if you are a beginner and you sti want to enjoy a nice time on the Green River, you should go around with a guide or a professional.


Lake Powell

The large number of people you would always find at the shores of this lake clears any doubts about the popularity of the lake. It comes as no surprise though, as the red rock alcoves are fun to explore, and the atmosphere around the lake is always warm and friendly. The lake actually borders between Utah and Arizona.

Other interesting things about the lake is that you would get to see houseboats and probably stay in them if you are spending an extended time at the lake. The weather and the beautiful sights around the lake make it a great vacation spot for all. 

Furthermore, the lake serves as a great kayaking spot for both beginners and launders. You could also rent yourself some kayaking gear if you need any. 


Bear Lake

Also known as the Caribbean of the Rockies because of its bright blue color, Bear Lake serves as a great vacation spot for family. The weather here is ever so friendly, and the beautiful sights around are things to look forward to. Bear Lake is located very close to the border between Utah and Idaho. 

This lake is really great for those who are new to kayaking because of its expansive area. But if you ever get tired of kayaking, or need to take a break from kayaking on the lake, there are a great number of recreational and fun activities to engage in around the lake. 


Provo River

The river falls off a beautiful canyon to give you a breathtaking view the moment you get there. Also, the atmosphere around here is usually friendly and warm, making it a popular hangout site for all. 

The river currents vary from place to place on the river, so there are a lot of opportunities for both beginners and professionals to have fulfilling kayaking experience. Even those that prefer the thrill of kayaking on intense waters would have a nice time in some parts of river. In fact, there are organized tours and expeditions all around which you could take part of. 

Furthermore, you could help yourself to some rented kayaks over there if you do not have any. There are also trainers over there that are ready to teach you the basics of kayaking.


Utah Lake

This beautiful lake is also a nice spot to have a really rewarding kayaking experience. Surrounding it is the Provo-Orem metropolitan area. And with a size of 148 square miles, there is more than enough space to spoil yourself with kayaking. 

You could also decide to thrill yourself with nice catches if you are into fishing. There are various panfish species in this lake, including catfish, walleye, black bass, and many others. 

Furthermore, there are a lot of campgrounds around the lake to help make sure that you get the best out of your time at the lake. 

Best places to Kayak in Utah

Wrapping it All Up

Really, this list would be endless if I put in all the places I have in mind, but I have carefully selected those that I feel are the best among the best. Most of these places have places where you could rent yourself a kayak of you didn’t have one, and there are also nice places to chill out before or after you’re done kayaking. 

The question now isn’t if these places are actually as fun as make them seem (because they are, duh!). Rather, the question is if you are ready to make new beautiful memories that would last forever in your mind.

Should you have any questions or inquiries to make, please feel free to write them in the comment section below and I would be quick to attend to them.