Swiss Cargo Folding Kayak Carrier

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What are Kayak Carriers

Kayak roof racks or carriers are mechanisms mounted on cars to transport kayaks. Kayak carriers are fundamental equipment for frequent kayakers. Although purchasing one might be quite tasking and expensive, it is sure to make preparing for a boating trip much more appealing and easy.

There are different types of kayak carriers, categorized based on their functionalities.

Types of Kayak Roof Carriers

There are various forms of roof racks. Some of the most popular of them are the following:

  • Crossbars 

The crossbars can be simply attached to your roof if you have roof rails. If you don’t, they can also be attached to any other mounting hardware that you have on your roof. These are better than temporary pads because they offer more permanent solutions. In fact, you can carry a number of things on them, including bicycle racks and any other cargo you might want to transport. 

  • Temporary Pads

Pads are often a quick solution to the problem of transporting your kayak. They could either be made of foam or be made inflatable. You can quickly attach them to your car roof by strapping them through your car windows. Pads are great for small kayaks. They aren’t supposed to be for long term uses.

  • J-Rack

A J-rack also called a J-cradle, has a base and an erected arm to hold your kayak at a more convenient angle. This way, there is still enough space to carry whatever cargo you want to. 

Swiss Cargo 3-in-1 kayak carrier falls in this category. However, you could say it is a hybrid of this category as it has the holding arm of J-Racks and an extra-base that extends to the opposite side of the first base. 

  • Saddles

This one is designed by attaching pads to an existing roof rack or crossbars. This way, your kayak rests flatly on its full width. Saddles are usually for very large watercraft. 


  • Stackers

With stackers, you can carry more than one small kayak at once by stacking them on their edges next to one another. You place the kayaks and strap them down. Stackers are also built on existing crossbars

Things to Consider when Choosing a Kayak Carrier

There are a few things that should determine the kind of J rack that you should buy. Some of them are:

  • Your Vehicle

J racks are perfect for vehicles that have wide roofs. It is important to know that if a J rack is not compatible with your car roof, do not hesitate to stop using it. This is for your safety and for the safety of others around you. 

  • Material

Another thing to consider is the material which your J rack is made of. If your kayak is a really big and heavy one, you would need a material that is quite strong and can withstand the weight of the kayak. On the other hand, lightweight kayaks don’t really need strong J racks. 

  • Brand

Some brands are household names when it comes to kayak J racks. They are the popular ones and have been tested by many and found to be the best.

If you’re new to this and don’t know which brand to go for, do not hesitate to ask a professional kayaker or check the internet to see. 

  • Budget

This is the last on my list but definitely not the least. I don’t have to dwell much on this as you may already know that no matter how much you desire to buy a particular J rack, only your money can buy it for you. Know your budget and get the J rack that suits it. 

Product Review: Swiss Cargo Folding Kayak Carrier

  • Design

At first glance, the Swiss Cargo 3-in-1 kayak carrier is already an attractive one. It can easily carry two watercrafts at once. Or if your own watercraft is oversized, you have no problems with this kayak carrier. 

The intuitive design of this kayak carrier is put on full display by the way the center loading arm can be adjusted to fit your watercraft as perfectly as possible. Also, there are also foam pads that protect your kayak from scratches. 

Swiss Cargo Folding Kayak Carrier

For strength and durability, steel is used to build the frame of this kayak roof carrier. No matter how heavy you think your kayak or any other watercraft is, Swiss Cargo 3-in-1 kayak carrier is up to task. 

Furthermore, the center loading arm can be adjusted to lay flat on the roof when the kayak carrier is not being used. Thereby providing enough space for you to load anything else that isn’t a watercraft on your roof. 

  • Performance

The first thing worth mentioning about this kayak carrier is its strength and durability. A lot of customer reviews agree to this fact.

In addition, if you mount your kayak on this roof rack, you can rest assured that your kayak is safe. The carrier has strong straps that hold your kayak in place, irrespective of how rough the road you’re traveling on is. 

  • Other Features

It is worth mentioning that when you purchase this kayak roof rack, the equipment with which the carrier is to be mounted also comes along with it. Also, you can install it yourself within minutes. A manual that puts you through the mounting process also comes with the carrier. 

Why Do I Need A Kayak Carrier?

Of course, we all know that the basic use of a kayak carrier is to transport your kayak. That’s simple enough. However, there are other things that a kayak carrier is good for. 

  • Protecting Your Kayak

When you mount your kayak on a carrier, it holds the kayak tightly. By doing this, the kayak is not damaged in any way even when you’re driving through rough roads. 

Although most kayaks are strong and durable on their own, the extra protection that kayak carriers offer is always welcomed.

Swiss Cargo Folding Kayak Carrier

  • Be Able to Explore as you Wish

Have you ever been to a river or a lake that is practically begging to be kayaked on? Only that you couldn’t because you weren’t with your kayak. With a kayak carrier mounted on your car roof, you know that it is easy to get your kayak anytime and do some “emergency” exploring whenever you want.

  • Kayak Carriers are Watercraft Carriers

It doesn’t always have to be about the kayaks. Most kayak carriers are designed in a way that other watercraft can be mounted on them with ease. In fact, some kayak carriers can hold two watercraft at once. So you could have your kayak on one side and maybe a canoe on the other side. 


Swiss Cargo Folding Kayak Carrier is one that is worth every penny spent on it. A lot of customer reviews agree to this. 

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