Sensational Kayaking Locations in CT

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What’s good about Connecticut?

Connecticut is not just popular for its exceptionally friendly weather, the beautiful sceneries and sights that are scattered across the state are also part of the state’s most attractive features. The clear lakes, flowing rivers, creeks and astonishing coastlines would all make a visit to Connecticut one to remember. 

Kayaking in Connecticut

A lot of activities are carried out on the waters in the State, and of these activities, kayaking in one of the most popular. Because of the size of the state, it is easy to just launch your kayak from any spot on the shores of the rivers, but if you did that you would be placing your chances of maximum satisfaction on a scale of luck. So, I’ve compiled for you my few best places to kayak in Connecticut.

Sensational Kayaking locations in CT

My Best Places to Kayak

1. Quinnipiac River

There are quite a good number of places to launch your kayak on the shores of the river. You don’t even have to own your kayak, there are places where kayaks are rented out here at good bargains. 

The Quinnipiac River is a slow-moving river which makes it perfect for relaxation purposes. The river also stretches over miles, offering kayakers enough opportunity to maximally enjoy their kayaking From the rivers, you would not only sight uncommon wildlife creatures, you would also be exposed to traces of old human settlements and sites of historical importance. 

2. Farmington River

The kayaking experience gets even better here. Any kayaker, from the level of beginners up to the professionals, would get a wonderful kayaking experience on this river. This is because the river is a mixture of rapids and calm waters. Those that just want to relax and enjoy the warmth of the sun can set out to the river, while those that want the thrill and adventure that comes with whitewater kayaking are also sure to get their fill of satisfaction.

Sensational Kayaking locations in CT

Although there are a number of good places to launch your kayak on the shores of this river, I recommend that you use Satan’s Kingdom Recreation Area. This site is quite popular and this that don’t own their own kayaks have better chances of renting one here.

Check here Map of Farmington River Recreation Areas.

3. Mystic River

Mystic River is a very good place to launch your kayak if you are looking for a nice and gentle kayak paddling. However, there are some parts of the river where the water gets quite rough and only professional kayakers are advised to venture out to these places. But generally, kayaking on the Mystic River is worth your time and resources. 

There are things to feed your eyes on while you are on the river, such as old human settlements, the National maritime museum.

Wrapping it All Up

When you pay a visit to Connecticut, there’s one thing that you shouldn’t forget to do; kayaking. And when you go kayaking, don’t forget to visit any of the mentioned sites to help you get the best out of your to time kayaking. Should you have any questions or inquiries, do feel free to let us know via the comment section down below.